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A Ukraine '43 SneakPeek

Soviet Exploitation Phase: Stacks A and B advance one hex. The infantry unit in Hex C also moves one hex and joins the reduced tank corps. The non-mechanized units cannot attack since they have moved. The mechanized units in stack D cannot move to the 48th Panzer Corps because it would enter a hex in a ZOC Bond. The two tank armies each expend three movement points to gain Assault markers which will allow both to attack the 48th Panzer Corps in the Second Combat Phase. Alternatively, each tank army could have attempted separate Mobile Assaults, but at lower odds levels.

Soviet Second Combat Phase: The only attack is against the hex occupied by 48th Panzer Corps. The Soviets utilize the Zhukov counter to raise the magnitude from one to two. The Soviets bring 61 attack strength points to bear against 15 German defense points for odds of 4 - 1. The primary die roll of 3 is a retreat result. The entire German stack is Disrupted, and must retreat two hexes. The Soviet player removes a tank brigade to satisfy the Heavy Loss required because Zhukov was committed. The secondary die roll is one (a 1/1) result. Each side loses one step. The German player removes the reduced infantry division. The Soviet player removes the remaining tank brigade. Both tank armies are able to advance two hexes. Conclusion: three German infantry divisions have vaporized, and a fourth is probably trapped beyond saving in Belgorod. The German front line has been irreparably shredded, and Soviet losses, especially in their mechanized troops, have been light.

Ukraine '43

Soviet Exploitation