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Tigers in the Mist  
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The Ardennes, a thickly wooded area on the borders of Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg, where battle weary U.S. divisions were sent to rest and replace losses, or units freshly arrived from the United States were given their first taste of front line duty. At 5:30am, December 16, 1944, this 85-mile-long sector erupted into what would be the largest, most costly campaign on the Western Front in WWII. The Battle of the Bulge had begun.

During the first week of the battle, three German armies attacked vigorously and relentlessly in an attempt to reach the Meuse River, the major geographical obstacle between them and the great port of Antwerp on the northern coast of Belgium. Stubborn resistance by outnumbered American forces in the difficult terrain of the Ardennes canceled out much of the initial material advantages and surprise the Germans enjoyed. On December 22, Patton's Third Army began attacking the German southern flank north of Arlon, and on the 23rd, the weather finally cleared, allowing Allied air supremacy to be re-asserted over the battlefield.

As the German player, can you break through the American player's front lines and get sufficient forces across the Meuse River before the Allies can bring enough reinforcements to the threatened sector to stop the Ardennes Offensive? Play Tigers in the Mist and discover what might have been.

Game Components

COUNTERS 352 full-color, die-cut counters.
MAP One 22x34" full-color mapsheet
  • One 10-sided die
  • 15-page Rule Book
  • 4 Setup cards
  • Two Player Aid Cards

Game Features

  • An impulse based movement and combat system which forces both sides to hoard reserves to respond to both opportunity and disaster on the battlefield.
  • Four scenarios playable in one-to-five hours, including an introductory scenario, two tournament scenarios of three hour duration, and a campaign scenario which covers the first week of the battle.
  • Rules, charts, and examples are organized for ease of use. The game system is logical and clean, making it very easy to quickly learn the mechanics of play.
  • An unpredictable combat system which results in heavy attrition for both sides and reflects the erosion of combat power that sustained battle has on units engaged in heavy fighting day after day.
  • Truly meaningful chrome including combined arms effects, German special forces, supply, bridge demolition and repair, entrenchments, first day surprise restrictions, and reserve division release conditions.
TIME SCALE One day per turn (Three impulses per day)
MAP SCALE Point-to-point (4 miles per inch)
UNIT SCALE Regimental/Brigade and Battalion

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