How do I access my account?
1. Chooose "Login" from the top right of any page.
2. Enter your E-Mail address and Password
3. If you have any trouble, please click the Online Chat at the upper right of any screen. This will connect you (M-F 6AM to 4 PM PST) directly with our office ladies who can help you get access to your account very quickly.
I'm an overseas customer and I'm trying to set up a new account, but I can't get the OTHER (NON-US) option to show up in the STATE field. So I'm stuck. What do I do?
Yes, there's a strange glitch in the non-USA set-up that causes this, but there's an easy work-around. You just need to choose COUNTRY first. Once the system sees that your country is not USA, then the "Other (Non-US)" option will show up in the STATE field.
What on earth is P500?
See How does Project 500 work?
How do I see what games I have on the P500 list?
1. Choose "My Account" from top right of screen. Login if you haven't already.
2. Scroll down and click the bold text "Click here to view your Personal Status Sheet"
3. This will display an alphabetized list of all current P500 games and your current order quantity.
How do I change the credit card that is on file for my P500 orders?
1. Choose "My Account" from top right of screen. Login if you haven't already.
2. Ensure that the "Save my Credit Card Info" box is checked (if not, check it and Update your Account).
3. Scroll down to your "Address Book".
4. On your Primary Billing Address, click "Change" and, on the following screen, "Edit"
5. At bottom of the next page, update your credit card information.
6. Click "Save Edited Address" to save the information
Can I delete a P500 order once I've made it? Can I change the quantity ordered for a P500 game?
Yes, in both cases, anytime before the P500 game hits CHARGING status (after that you'd need to contact the office folks to make any changes or deletions, as we would have already charged the cards). Here's what you do:
1. Choose "My Account" from top right of screen. Login if you haven't already.
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen where it lists all of your orders. The P500 orders will have a separate P500 section underneath each order.
3. In that P500 section, you can hit the "+" or "-" button to change the quantity ordered, or you can choose the "Delete from Order" link to permanently delete the item from the order.
4. If you accidentally delete an order, there's no way to fix it from this screen. You'll need to go to the cart and order the game again normally.
What is the purpose of the AUTO ORDER section of the YOUR ACCOUNT page?
We have an auto-order program that allows our customers to sign up to automatically get x copies of any future game or C3i issue that we add to the P500 list. This is essentially just a time-saver for you guys who know you want "every Combat Commander game that GMT produces" or "every C3i issue - as a C3i Immortal", etc.
A few notes on procedure:
1. We only process auto-orders when we add new P500 games to the P500 list. Thus auto-orders DO NOT apply to games already on the P500 list. You'll need to order existing P500 games via the cart as usual.
2. When we add new games to the P500 list, we run a utility program that creates an order in the specified quantity and with specified shipping information for each person who has signed up for the particular series that the new P500 game fits in. Note that there is a Non-Series signup as well. So for you guys who pre-order ALL of our games and want to use Auto Orders to save yourself the trouble of ordering individually, you'll need to put a quantity in all of the rows, including NON-SERIES games, to get everything we produce.
3. Note that the auto order just creates an ORDER; it doesn't charge you anything. Thus you can go into your account and delete or modify quantities on this order (see above for details on how to do this) anytime before we charge cards for the game, just like you can with any P500 order.
To sign up for the auto-order program, just:
1. Login to YOUR ACCOUNT
2. Scroll down to the AUTO ORDER section
3. Add a quantity in the Quantity column to the right of any of our series'.
4. Choose a Default Shipping Method (just below the Auto-Order section). This is necessary for the created orders to correctly identify shipping method and costs for your order.
5. Click the "Update Auto Orders" button