GMT Games is now in its 28th year of creating and publishing a broad line of Wargames, Strategy games, Eurogames, and Family games. Although headquartered in Hanford, California, GMT is a 21st century "virtual company," with management, creative talent, and art and design teams spread all over the world, connected via the internet. Almost all of our day-to-day interaction between team members and with our customers occurs online. 

To ensure that we get face-to-face time with our teams and customers, we are hosts of and active participants in various game conventions worldwide. Twice each year (in April and October) we host a GMT Weekend at the Warehouse, where we host team members and customers for a four-day event of open gaming, shared meals, meetings, and fun. We also attend ConsimWorld Expo, World Boardgaming Championships, Origins, and a variety of regional conventions each year to facilitate engagement between our team members and our customers.