I just received an advance copy of the finished Leaping Lemmings. Once Mary and the kids found out, they wanted to play right away, so we took it for a spin on the kitchen table last night. Here are a few pics of the board that Rachel took during the game:


Here's a look at the game's mounted mapboard

Here's a shot of the game box top and bottom.

A look at the board situation shortly after we started play.
From a bit later, as Luke's ill-fated lemming, Clint, rested in a sanctuary hex before making his final dash for the cliffs.
Unfortunately, he ended up as "a particularly tasty lemming snack" for Stephen, Jr.
Here's an endgame picture of the Dive Scoring box. I've never been in a game like this one before in all the various playtests - not a single dive was below "4." (Although Mary and Rachel DID make heavy and repeated use of the "Bribe the Judges" pellet favor to assist in their high scoring)
End game scoring track, preserving for posterity Rachel's Hippie Gang's resounding victory in our first "official" game of LL. (Samantha will probably protest that it's not official if we play while she's off at college, though)
Here's the Eagle Chow box at game-end. Luke (green) and Rachel (light blue) had a bit of a sibling brushwar in this game. You can see who came out on the short end. Those of you who know him, though, well you KNOW that he is already busy plotting his revenge!

Here's the entire map at game-end. You'll note that I caught a lot of grief from the others for the position of my "Gene" lemming, who waited until (too) late in the game to come out of the start area. That, of course, was the ONLY thing that kept him from being mercilessly devoured at the very first opportunity.
We had a lot of fun with this game, the first of what will I'm sure be many, many LL games around this table. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do.