An Extended CHICKAMAUGA Scenario: September 18th

Work on RIVER OF DEATH has enabled us to gather information which we now use in expanding the Chickamauga scenario in GLORY to the full, 3-day battle. Players may use this for either the 19th, 20th, or full battle games.

The game starts with the 1400 turn of September 18th, continuing on as far as players wish. All Reinforcements prior to those listed in the rules are given below, as well as initial deployments.

Initial Union Deployment

Hexes Units
W/i 1 hex of 1101 Granger's Reserve Corps
3720 Minty 'a' Cavalry
3520 Minty 'b' Cavalry
3329 Wilder (XIV)
1538 Barnes (XX), van Cleve 'a' arty
1738-9 Beatty, Dick (XX), van Cleve 'b' arty
1740-41 Harker, Buell, Wood arty

AM Available for 1400 Turn: Mitchell Cav (2), Reynolds/XIV (2), van Cleve (1), Wood (1)

Initial Confederate Deployment

Hexes Units
4022 Fulton's Brigade; Johnson Arty; DD = Reed's Bridge
3928 Davidson's Cavalry brigade; No DD
3332 Walthall's brigade; DD = Alexander's Bridge
3334 Govan's brigade; Lidell's arty; DD = Alexander's Bridge
3039-2839 Stewart's Division (On Trail/Road); DD = Thetford Ford
2539-2441 Preston's Division (On Road); DD = Dalton Ford

AM Available for 1400 Turn: Johnson (2), Lidell (2), Forrest (1), Stewart (1), Preston (1)

Union Reinforcements

Turn Hexes Units
1515 W/i 1 hex of 1101 The AM for Granger's Reserve Corps are now available
Night 1044 Baird's Division, Brannan's Division, Palmer's Division

Remainder as per Schedule in Rules Book

Confederate Reinforcements

Turn Hexes Units
1400 2244 Hindman's Division; DD = Lee & Gordon's Mill
  4223 Johnson's Division, Robertson's brigade [a]; DD = Reed's Bridge
1515 4204 Scott's Cavalry; DD = Ringgold Bridge
1630 4223 Remaining Forrest units; No DD
Night 3339 Wilson, Ector brigades; DD = Alexander's Bridge
  4223 Sheffield's, Benning's brigades; Reserve Artillery; DD = Reed's Bridge
  2244 Cheatham's Division; DD = Dalton Ford [b]

Remainder as per Schedule in Rules Book

a = Robertson's brigade moves with Johnson AM until the 19/0630 turn.
b = See Special rule for Cheatham's entry, in Forced March section.

First Turn Initiative: The Confederates automatically have the Initiative for the 1400 turn.


Confederate Destination Designation

Designated Destinations are pre-determined for units arriving as per the above schedule. The DD rule from the game applies, except that if a bridge has been destroyed (see below), once the units have reached that DD, they may move elsewhere.

Activation Markers

Special rules, to simulate the confusion about the breaking situation, corps level lethargy, as well as lack of overall command orders, are used in terms of the number of AM to be drawn per turn.

For the first turn (18/1400), all AM listed above as available are placed in The Pool, and all are drawn.

For every turn after that, all of the available AM, for units on or entering the map, are placed in The Pool.

Neither player may purposely leave out AM. Exception, for the 1400 turn no AM for Granger's Reserve are available.

The above rules apply through the Night Turn of September 18th. Starting with the 0630 turn of the 19th, we heartily recommend you start using 16.3.


At the start of the 18th Alexander's Bridge is intact.

Any player may destroy a bridge. To do so, when activated, a full strength (non-Disordered) unit must start adjacent to the bridge hexside. Presence of enemy units across the bridge does not matter.

As the unit's action for the turn (it may not move or fire), the player rolls the die.

The CSA player (only) may attempt to repair a bridge. At the start of any turn beginning with the 0900 turn of the 19th, after drawing an AM, he may ignore that AM and, instead, choose to try to repair any bridge which is not within 2 hexes of a Union combat unit. To do so, he rolls a die (no unit is needed):

Play Note: This represents the work of Bragg's pioneer companies.

Forced Night March

For the Night Turn of the 18th, only, either (both) player(s) may choose to have entering Reinforcements use Forced Night March. Units already on the map may not use this.

All reinforcements that will Forced March are designated at the start of the turn. These units will not be activated by their own AM (and thus their AM will not be placed in The Pool), but will be activated when that player's Forced March AM is drawn.

Units that FM must stay on Roads and/or Trails. They may cross bridges/fords, but pay the normal price for doing so. As an exception to normal Night rules, they must use Extended Movement.

All units that use FM must roll for Disorder at the end of movement, regardless how far they moved. Exception: artillery does not get disordered by FM.

The FM AM is a freebie. It does not count against the AM limits, above. Moreover, if a player's FM AM has not been drawn, it is put into effect at the end of the turn.

The Cheatham Exception: Cheatham's Division may not use Forced March in its turn of entry; it may use Extended Movement (if eligible). The CSA Player may choose, if he wishes, to have it enter when he draws the FM AM (which will negate any possible traffic jams).



There are two types of Fords. The main fords are all fords, other than the ones listed below. These user the rules for fords and the Terrain costs as on the map.

However, many of the fords were not that helpful. The fords at the following hexes

Bad Fords: 4110, 3615, 3522, 3130, 3036, 2436.


We've decided to change the Rout Rule somewhat, as below.

14.2.2. Infantry is retreated three (3) hexes, cavalry (4). That's hexes, not MP.

14.2.3. Routed units, when activated, may (not must) move one hex (regardless of cost. Such movement must be away from the nearest enemy (or leave it equidistant).

14.2.5. There is no Rout Movement Phase.

Scott's Cavalry

For the 19th and 20th scenarios, Scott's cavalry starts in 4103.

Granger's Reserve

The In Reserve rule for the 19th scenario is not used for Granger when starting on the 18th.