We provide the following ZunTzu modules for our games free of charge. We have only two restrictions on the use of these files:
  1. In order to legally use these files to play a game online via ZunTzu, at least one of the players must own a copy of the boardgame upon which that  ZunTzu set is based.
  2. All rights, copyrights, and trademarks of these sets and their original boardgames remain vested in GMT Games, LLC and the original game artists. Any use of these materials except for the express non-commercial use of playing a GMT boardgame via  ZunTzu over the internet is prohibited without express permission from GMT Games, LLC.

    You can download the ZunTzu engine Here.

NOTE: Once downloaded, simply change the file extension from .zip to .ztb, 

Game Title File to Download Author
Battle for Normandy Module Luiz Cláudio S. Duarte
The Caucasus Campaign Module (1.0) Basem Chbaklo
Combat Commander: Europe Module

Read Me

Martin Seipp
No Retreat!


Bill Barrett
Normandy '44 Module Luiz Cláudio S. Duarte
The U.S. Civil War Module David Jones