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Game Title File to Download Author
1805: Sea of Glory Module (1.93) Rob Doane
1914:Twilight in the East Module (1.33) George W. Hayward
Alesia Module Alfonso Velasco
Andean Abyss Module (2.41) Joel Toppen
Ardennes '44 Module (1.2) Gary Krockover
Arctic Storm Module (1.6) Trent Garner
Asia Engulfed Module (3.1f) Mark Beninger
Barbarossa: Army Group North Module (2.0)  
Barbarossa: Army Group South (Includes KtR & Crimea) Module (1.1)  Gary Darkbear
Barbarossa (AGN, AGC, Typhoon) Module (1.0) Gary Darkbear 
Barbarossa: Crimea Module (1.1) Tim Wilcox
Barbarossa: Kiev to Rostov Module (0.3) Ben Smith
The Battle for Normandy Module (3.12) Peter Dietrich
Battles of the Warrior Queen Module (2.0) Allen Dickerson
Battles with the Gringos Module (2.0) Stephen R. Welch
Blackbeard Module (1.1) Kevin Coombs
Bloody April Module (v3)  
Blue Cross/White Ensign Module (1.1) Rob Doane
Bomber Command Module (2.0) Allan Cannamore
Borodino Module Pierre Bulle
Brandywine Module (1.94) Rob Doane
The Burning Blue Module (1.2) Rick Billings
Caesar in Alexandria Module Alfonso Velasco
Caesar: Conquest of Gaul Module (2.2) Alfonso Velasco
Caesar: The Civil Wars Module Knut Grünitz
Carthage Module (1.2) Kevin Coombs
Case Yellow Scenarios 1,2, and 3 Lukasz Grabunz
Cataphract Module (3.0) Knut Grünitz
The Caucasus Campaign Module (1.2) Krzysztof Chadaj
Chandragupta Module (2.1) Knut Grünitz
Chariots of Fire Module (2.0) Knut Grünitz
Clash of Giants II Module (Ypres Battle) Lukasz Grabunz
  Module (Galicia Battle) Lukasz Grabunz
Clash of Monarchs Module (1.2) Joel Toppen
Combat Commander Series


Module (2.2) Tim McCarron


Module (1.2) Tim McCarron


Extension (2.2) Tim McCarron

Battle Pack #1: Paratroopers

Extension (2.2) Tim McCarron

Battle Pack #2: Stalingrad

Extension (2.2) Tim McCarron
Extension (2.2) Tim McCarron
Extension (1.0) Tim McCarron
Extension (1.0) Tim McCarron
Commands & Colors: Ancients Module (3.2) Bill Bennett

Expansions #1,#2, #3, #4 (3.2) Bill Bennett

Epic (1.0) Bill Bennett
Commands & Colors: Napoleonics Module (1.42) Joel Toppen
The Conquerors: Alexander the Great Module (2.4) John Bowers
Conquest of Paradise Module (1.4) Joel Toppen
Crown of Roses Module (1.2) Joel Toppen
Cuba Libre Module (1.2) Joel Toppen
The Dark Valley Module (2.0) Phil Feller/Paul Marjoram
Dead of Winter Module (2.0) Allen Dickerson
Devil's Horsemen Module (3.0) ( includes battles of Liegnitz and Ayn Jalut) Knut Grünitz
Devil's Horsemen Module extension for the Battle of Indus Knut Grünitz
Dominant Species Module (2.0) Joel Toppen
Down in Flames Module (2.00) Ian Clarence
Downtown Module (3.07) Torsten Spindler
Elusive Victory Module (1.2) Torsten Spindler
Empire of the Sun Module (4.04) Joel Toppen
Europe Engulfed Module (1.7) Ben Smith
Eutaw Springs Module
F.A.B. The Bulge Module Mark Beninger
F.A.B. Sicily Module Joel Toppen
Fields of Fire (Normandy) Module (2.3) Joel Toppen
Fields of Fire (Korea) Module (1.0) Joel Toppen
Fields of Fire (Vietnam) Module (1.4) Joel Toppen
Fighting Formations (Grossdeutschland Infantry Div.) Module (1.00) Joel Toppen
Fire in the Lake Module (1.20) Joel Toppen
Flying Colors Module (2.3) Rob Doane
Flying Colors Extension (Includes Ship of the Line & C3i Battles) Extension Rob Doane
For the People(2006 Version) Module (1.2) Steve Petras
Genesis Module (1.0) Tim Phelps
Module (1.4)
Rob Doane
Glory Module Pierre Bulle
Glory II: Across the Rappahannock Module (2.0) Kevin Coombs
Glory III Module (1.1) Kevin Coombs
The Great Battles of Alexander, Deluxe Module (8.3) Joshua A. Hockaday
The Great Battles of Alexander, Deluxe Module (8.0) Knut Grünitz
The Great Battles of Alexander, Deluxe Module Alfonso Velasco
The Great Battles of Alexander, Deluxe(includes Tyrant, Phalanx & Diadochoi) Module (6.6) John Bowers
The Great War in Europe, Deluxe Module (0.9) Ben Smith
Gringo! (includes Battles with the Gringos) Module (1.1) Rob Doane
Guilford Module Rob Doane
The Halls of Montezuma Module (1.1.1) Rob Doane
Hellenes Module (1.0) Joel Toppen
Here I Stand Module (3.1) Joel Koepp
Infidel Module Ralph Shelton
Iron & Oak Module (1.1) Joel Toppen
Justinian Module Alfonso Velasco
The Kaiser's Pirates
Module (1.86)
Rich Mercer
The Kaiser's Pirates Solitaire Module (1.85)
Rich Mercer
Two-Player Module (2.0)
Joel Toppen
Labyrinth Solitaire Module (2.0)
Joel Toppen
Leaping Lemmings Module (1.1) Gaëtan Beaujannot
Manoeuvre Module Mark Beninger
Men of Iron Individual Battles Knut Grünitz


Module (2.0)




Monmouth Module (0.4) Ben Smith
Monmouth Module (1.4) Rob Doane
Mr. Madison's War Module (1.2)

Mark Benninger

Newtown Module Tim McCarron
Next War: Korea Module (1.0) Tim McCarron
Module (2.0) - Includes Solitaire
Allan Cannamore
No Retreat!
Module (1.0)
Don Stone
Normandy '44
Module (0.93)

Joe Kundlak/Tuomo Syvänperä

Nothing Gained But Glory

Individual Battles Knut Grünitz


Module (2.0)


Module (2.0)


Module (2.0)


Module (2.0)


Module (2.0)
Panzer Module (1.63) Rob Doane
Panzer Expansion #1 Module (1.31) Rob Doane
Panzer Expansion #2 Module (1.22) Rob Doane
Panzer Expansion #3 Module (1.0) Rob Doane
Paths of Glory Module (7.2.1)
Pax Romana Module (4.1) Kevin Coombs
Pensacola Module (1.4) Rob Doane
PQ-17 Module (2.0) Joel Toppen
Pursuit of Glory Module (1.05) Mark Beninger
Rebel Raiders on the High Seas Module (1.1) Joel Toppen
Red Winter Module Greg Colman
Reds! Module (0.3) Mark Beninger
Rise of the Roman Republic Module Kevin Coombs
Samurai Module
Saratoga Module Rob Doane
Savannah Module (1.41) Rob Doane
Sekigahara Module (1.3) Joel Toppen
Serpents of the Seas Module (1.3) Rob Doane
Silver Bayonet Module (1.4) Trent Garner
Space Empires 4X & Close Encounters Expansion Module (2.0) Bob Seifert & Pierre Bulle
The Spanish Civil War Module (1.22) Joel Toppen
SPQR Deluxe(includes 37 battle setups) Module (2.5) Fred Delstanches
SPQR Deluxe Module Joel Toppen
Stalin's War Module (1.9) Paul Marjoram
Successors Module (2.2) John Bowers
Sword of Rome Module (4.0) Neil Randall
Sweden Fights On (All 4 Battles) Module

Knut Grünitz

Talon Module Stefano Tine and Bob Seifert
Thirty Years War Module (1.1) Joel Toppen

This Accursed Civil War

Individual Battles Knut Grünitz

1st Newbury


2nd Newbury






Marston Moor



Three Days of Gettysburg Module  Allen Dickerson
Twilight Struggle Module (2.5) Tim McCarron
Twilight Struggle (2nd Ed.) Module (1.3)
Twilight Struggle (Deluxe Ed.) Module (3.04a) Michael Kiefte
Unconditional Surrender Module (1.01) Kevin Coombs
Under the Lily Banners Individual Battles Knut Grünitz








Unhappy King Charles Module (1.21) Joel Toppen
Urban Sprawl Module (1.0) Tim McCarron
The U.S. Civil War Module (1.0)  Jeff Coyle
Virgin Queen Module Joel Koepp
von Manstein's Backhand Blow Module Mark Beninger
War Galley Module (2.1) Frederic Delstanches
Washington's War Module (1.4) Joel Toppen
Wellington Module (2.0) Rick Billings
Wilderness War Module (2.3) Kevin Grande
World War II: Barbarossa to Berlin Module (2.01) Joel Toppen