P500 Reprints

At the bottom of our P500 page, you'll see a bunch of games, sorted alphabetically, that are tagged with "Out of Stock" and "P500 Reprint." These are games that we want to reprint and need to guage gamer support for reprinting that game.

We've been very fortunate over the years to sell out of many of our games - several of them multiple times. The flip side of that good fortune is that having games out of stock is sub-optimal, because generally lots of people still want the sold-out game that other players are enjoying and talking about, but we don't have it to deliver. 


So we set aside a large segment of our strategic reserve funds every year to reprint key games. We use those funds in concert with P500 Reprint orders to amass the cash necessary to do updated editions of those games ($30-50K per game, generally, although for larger print runs, as with Twilight Struggle and Dominant Species, it's a LOT more).


Several of you have asked about how we decide on what to reprint. First off, it's important to know that we do not use solely a P500 approach to reprints. We also take into account which out of print games distributors are telling Tony they want to order most, and look at that demand in addition to what we see on our P500 reprint list. We also take a look at series games - ones we believe we need to have in print in order for other games in the series to do well. An example here is the Commands & Colors series, where it does really hurt the entire series if we have several games out of stock. So in a case like that, we might reprint a game in a series before another game that has greater order #s or general demand just to make sure players aren't unable to enjoy the whole series because of a missing game that the other games depend on. And we absolutely DO prioritize to keep the best-selling, most popular games in stock. So for example, Twilight Struggle, with now over 50,000 copies sold, far and away our best seller, ALWAYS gets priority on reprint funds whenever stock gets low. But whenever that happens, some other deserving games have to wait to get reprinted, because we used our reserve funds for Twilight Struggle.


So into all that mix we have the limiting factor, which is that we don't have unlimited funds to reprint everything we'd like to. But in recent years, we've been able to reprint more and more games, as strategic reserve funds have increased due to greater sales as more people find out about GMT and buy our games. So I'm not whining here about not having enough funds to reprint, rather just noting that we never have enough funds to reprint everything we want to, so we tend to have to plan well ahead, gang print several games together to cut costs, and spread out the reprints over time as funds allow.

If you'd like to help us get more of our popular games back in stock, there are several ways you can help:

1. Use the P500 Reprint Program to order copies of any games that interest you.

2. Tell your friends about the P500 Reprint Program

3. If you buy your games from a local hobby shop and they are out of stock on some of our better games, tell them and encourage them to let Tony Curtis (who runs our developer sales and relations area) that they'd like to Pre-order some games.

4. Support (with Thumbs and Comments) the monthly GMT P500 Reprint Geeklist on BGG.  Although we do not run those Geeklists, we read them every month and use feedback there to help us determine what games you guys want most.

We appreciate all that you guys do to support GMT, and hope you find this information helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Enjoy the games!


Updated January 2014