As part of our continuing commitment to helping our players enjoy our games via online play, we are discontinuing our support of the GMT Ventrilo Voice Server. We know this sounds counter-intuitive, but innovations in technology are such that we recommend that players use Discord (see below) to enable their online game play since it's easy to use and, best of all, it's free!

GMT Games will be transitioning to a Discord server as well. Over the coming weeks, we plan to continue providing more - and more varied - online live events via the GMT Games Discord Server. Sometimes in concert with VASSAL*, sometimes just with audio conferencing, these will be opportunities for teaching games, showing details of upcoming games, holding seminars by various designers and company insiders, and Q & A sessions that offer real-time access to many of the GMT insiders. We're looking forward to enhancing our communications with our customers and bettering our teaching of and support for our games via this venue.

Announcements (and Discord invites) for these events will be shown below as well as in various other places like Facebook and Twitter.

*We generally use VASSAL in our live online sessions, but that is because of VASSAL's live "Synchronization" feature - which allows all attendees to sync up with what is on the facilitator's screen and follow his moves visually in real time as well.

Upcoming Sessions:

How to Set Up Discord

The easiest way to begin is to go to discordapp.com. From there you can either use their browser-based version or download their client.

When you want to join an online session, open the client (or browse to discordapp.com). You should see a "+" symbol somewhere on the left side of the app. That will pop up a window asking if you want to Create or Join a server. If you're creating your own server to play online, click Create. If you're joining an online session, you'll click Join and use the Invite Code which was provided as part of the Online Session Announcement.

Enjoy the Games!