Over the 23 years that we've been producing games, many improvements to both games and operations have come from the insights of the people who play our games. Although we do our best to produce games that are fun to play and to run a business that is focused on customer satisfaction, we know there is always room for us to improve. So we invite you to use this site to give us your feedback and opinions so that we can get better and better at providing you great games with outstanding customer service.
This new website provides four ways for you to give us your feedback:
1. On each Games page, there is a RATE THIS GAME feature. Here you can give the game a 1-5 star rating and leave any evaluations, comments, criticisms, or suggestions you may have about that game. Note that you must be logged in to your account to use this feature.
2. On the POLLS page, we will be running ongoing online customer polling focused on consistently helping us understand how we can continue to improve in providing the games you guys want and improving our customer service. 
3. For general comments, feel free to use the CONTACT US area (just to the right of this one on the main title bar) to send secure mail directly to the people who run our office operations.
4. If you have a problem with an order, our games, or our service, please either call us direct at 800-523-6111 (US and Canada) or use our LIVE Online Chat at the top right corner of any page on this website. Either method will contact you immediately with one of our office folks who will help you with the problem. Note that the LIVE Online Chat feature is only live during our office hours (7 AM to 4 PM Pacific time, USA). After those hours, just leave a message and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as they're back in the office.
Additionally, if you ever need to contact one of the five of us who run the various operational areas of GMT, you can send us e-mail direct, as below:
Tony (Production, Contracts, Distributors, LLC Management): mailto:[email protected]
Andy (Game Acquisitions & Development, Conventions, GMT East Weekend): mailto:[email protected]
Gene (Website, GMT Office Operations, Electronic Games, GMT Weekend at the Warehouse, Technology, Marketing): mailto:[email protected]
Rodger (Art & Packaging, C3i Magazine): mailto:[email protected]
Mark (Internal Component Art and Production, Final Production Editing): mailto:[email protected]
We thank you in advance for your feedback, and look forward to using it to continue to improve our ability to provide great games and better serve you.

-Andy, Gene, Mark, Rodger, Tony, Letitia, and Elizabeth