Notes from the Designer #20

The Scenarios: Revolt of Malayaketu, 317 BC

This scenario is based on events from the play Mudrarakshasa, which was “probably based on events which actually occurred” (according to Bhargava, at least). And it gives us an excellent opportunity to introduce the Indian military camp to the game, as described in “Notes” #13.

The political background is certainly plausible. Having won power with the help of independent tribes and principalities, Chandragupta promptly evades the pre-war promises he had made them. Betrayed, the tribal chieftains rise against Chandragupta. The revolt is led by the son of Parvataka, named Malayaketu, with the help of five other chiefs and an ex-minister of the Nanda regime named Rakshasa.

Chanakya gets to work, employing “other political means” against the rebels, e.g. he has several of Malayaketu’s allies poisoned and uses guile to sow dissension among the tribes. Weakened, the rebels are then attacked in camp, at night.

The Combatants: The Mauryans now have a largely professional army of Maula and Bhrta troops with Chanakya as OC leading the vanguard of charioteers. The Mauryans have now fully adopted the “fourfold” or Caturangabala division of the traditional Indian military system, with an Elephant, Chariot, Cavalry and Infantry corps (see “Notes” #4). Malayaketu’s band is mixed, with a large contingent of disaffected Tribal and Sreni “rebels.”

The Battlefield: The Camp Extension map … this is an all-out assault on Malayaketu’s camp. Special Features:

The Indian Camp is the centerpiece of the scenario. Included also is a Tribal Loyalty rule, by which the wily Chanakya can “turn” some of Malayaketu’s Tribal allies prior to the game’s start! The scenario also offers opportunity for the Mauryan’s to use their EL units to breach camp gates and tear down its towers.

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