Clash of Giants II  Errata
1. In First Ypres, the 'D' ACMs should have the turn they enter marked on them, 2 for the Allies and 4 for the Germans.

2. In First Ypres, the unit marked as French 5th Cavalry Brigade should be a division instead.

3. In First Ypres, the British remnant counters should have their Combat Strength numbers in parentheses (they cannot attack).

4. In First Ypres, the Corps designation of the German 24th and 40th Division should be XIX (not XXIX), and the Mar (Marine) Division should have no Corps designation.

5. In Galicia, the rule for crossing army boundaries is missing; the rule 9.2 of First Ypres should be used.

6. In Galicia, the unit labeled as Russian 36th Reserve Division should be the 3rd Grenadier Division.

7. In Galicia, ignore the "8th army" designation of the Russian 23rd and 37th division that come as reinforcements on turn 5 (they can be deployed just like any other Russian reinforcements).

8. In Galicia, the Russian Cavalry Division that comes as a reinforcement on turn 8 and labeled as 8th is actually a collection of independent cavalry brigades and should be labeled "B" (for Brigades).

9. Galicia Clarification: Use the printed TER of units for the Out of Supply surrender rolls (without the usual -2 TER OoS modifier).

And finally, Ted's comments on the balance in Galicia:

"On the simple question of balance (especially for tourney play) the answer is simple enough: bid Austrian Victory Points to play the Austrians. These VPs are subtracted from the maximum Austrian VP Limit of 8, at the end of the game.

For those who want to step more directly into Conrad’s shoes, start counting Austrian VPs on Turn 5, instead of Turn 4. The 8 VP maximum remains. Finally, for those with no interest in balance, but who really want to recreate the Austrian debacle of 1914, don’t start counting Austrian VPs until Turn 6."


- Compiled by Ville Mankinen