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Sun of York Replay Overview

1st St Albans scenario

Yorkists, York, Warwick and Salisbury led an assault on Lancastrians led by Clifford and Sommerset. Both armies had lots of bowmen, so left and right flanks were held with bowmen and levies. Center had Men at Arms, Knights and, for the Yorkists, Crossbowmen. Battle started with Yorkists advancing into the middle ground all across the board. Lancaster countered with heavy archery, but didn't do much damage.

Center saw most of the action as York pushed his troops to engage Clifford in the town itself. Both leaders committed themselves to the action and it went back and forth with both isdes taking heavy casualties but keeping morale good with the leader's help. However, York was injured in the third round of battle and the York center pulled back. About that time the Yorkist left under Salisbury, scored heavily with archery and basically shattered the Lancaster right flank, except for one bowman. However, Salisbury turned traitor (treason special card) and all four of his combat units fled the scene, allowing the Lancaster bowman to waltz across and take possession of the York left rear.

Clifford pushed his troops across the middle ground, forcing the leaderless Yorkist knights to again withdraw. York couldn't find any combat reinforcements and after losing the initiative to Lancaster again, the Center rear was captured and Lancaster had them selves a hard fought victory. As this was a campaign game start, the injured Duke of York was tried, convicted of treason, and hung...

Pretty cool little battle!

-- John Burtt

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