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Rome began the 4th century BC as no more than the leading city of a small league of Latin communities and ended it controlling all of Italy and on the doorstep to Western preeminence.

The Sword of Rome is the latest in GMT Games' acclaimed line of Card-Driven Games (CDG). The game enables up to four players to recreate the climatic struggles among the peoples of Italy and Sicily, Romans, or Gauls will dominate the western Mediterranean and with it earn the right to vie for control of the known world?

Through a unique adaptation of the event-card system, players can also take on the roles of additional contenders such as Gallic tribes from across the Alps or the mighty naval power of Carthage. You will command the great figures of the age: Rome's military savior Marcus Furius Camillus; Syracusan tyrant Agathocles, who dared to assault Carthage itself; or Pyrrhus of Epirus, the adventurer king who sought to unite the western Greeks.

Each player has their own customized deck of strategy cards containing a total of 152 events that lend specific flavor and personality to the different factions. Additionally, each faction also has special powers that emphasize its historic strengths

Two, three, or four players may test their diplomatic and military acumen in this game that combines the familiar strategy card driven system originally created by Mark Herman, with a number of innovative new twists.

Game Components

COUNTERS Two full-color Countersheets
MAPS One full-color 22" X 34" Mapsheet
CARDS Four Decks of 39 Playing Cards each 
  • Four Player Aid Cards
  • Rulesbook & Playbook
  • Scenario Booklet
  • Six 6-sided die

Game Features

  • Includes rules and events for city loyalty, Roman colonies, tribal raids, Gallic indiscipline, Greek siege craft, Indian War Elephants, Roman and Macedonian-style infantry tactics, the mountain fastness of Samnium, and much, much more. 
TIME SCALE 13 years per turn
MAP SCALE point-to-point system 
UNIT SCALE 4000 men per unit

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