Our P500 pre-order program exists to give our customers a vote on whether and when each of our developed games gets produced. All of the games on this site with a "P500" designation are games yet to be released (unless they are marked "Shipped") that you may order at a discount now. Your card will not be charged until a game reaches "Charging" status, which we announce monthly.

See How does Project 500 work? for more details on the P500 program.

See How do Project 500 Reprints work? for more details on how we use the P500 program to help get our out of stock games reprinted.

The latest information on P500 status is available in the "News" section of this website and is updated regularly. P500 game order totals and status is tracked as orders are entered on this site and updated on this page automatically.  We update our current production outlook once every month in our  customer e-mail. The latest outlook is here:

Updated Tentative Production Outlook: Updated August 21, 2018

To get a quick look at which games you have ordered via P500, log in to your account and click the "Personal Status Sheet" link (just above your Account History). This will give you an alphabetical listing of all P500s, their price, order totals, and your current quantity on order.

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