To all PAX ROMANA purchasers:


The “Rules of Play” booklet that came in the PAX ROMANA box contains an old version of Section 15, “Victory.” This section, especially section 15.4 (Opportunity Objectives), changed significantly as the game approached late development, and unfortunately the change did not make it into the printed book. Below, you will see a link called “PAX ROMANA Updated Victory Section.” You can click this link to download a PDF file containing the entire section 15. This section will, of course, appear in the Living Rules when they are posted in the relatively near future.


Note: Only Scenarios 5 and 6 use Rule 15.4. The rest of the scenarios are unaffected by this change.


Neil Randall, Developer



PAX ROMANA Updated Victory Section (PDF file) - Section 15.0 with final Opportunity Objectives rules.