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C3i Magazine Issue #12

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15 CLOSE-UP FEATURE: The Battle of the Bulge
  • A primer from the designer of Tigers in the Mist
    By Ray Freeman
  • 19 The Seventh Army Attacks
  • A replay of the Tigers in the Mist introductory scenario. The Americans scratch together a defense of Luxembourg.
    By Jeff Petraska
  • 4 Quinquereme
  • Naval conflict in the Second Punic War, including War Galley scenarios for the battles of the Ebro (217) and Clupea (208).
    By Dan Fournie
  • 27 The Justinian Gambit
  • Applying the measure of history to design assessment, the author runs through a historical replay for us.
    By Rick D. Stuart
  • 38 Mastering Your Opponent
  • The tactical matrix in Saratoga and Brandywine Creek can be split into four distinct matrices, from which a number of lessons emerge.
    By Alex Ashton
  • 43 The Nike Gambit
  • A strategy of Scipio at the battle of Thapsus (Great Battles of Julius Caesar).
    By Jeff Kouba
  • 45 A Bridge Too Near
  • Great Battles of Julius Caesar Scenario Analysis: Crossing the Rubicon, 49 BC (from C3i Nr. 4)
    By Dave Townsend

  • Special Hobby Service

    41 Adding Companions to Successors
  • This article inaugurates selective C3i coverage of non-GMT games -- this one has a system with the same ancestor as that of Paths of Glory.
    By Ed McGran

  • Sneak Peeks at New Games

    34 Zero!
    By Roger Horky

    DiF Campaign

    13 The '48 Arab-Israeli War
    By Roger Horky


    33 Multi-Player War Galley
    By Alan J. Ray
    35 What You Won't See in Army Group North
    By Tony Curtis

    C3i, Nr. 12 Insert Contents

    C3i countersheet (140 - 1/2 " counters)
    • Arab-Israeli War Aircraft Sheets
    • Arab-Israeli War DiF Campaign
    • War Galley Multi-Player Scenarios
    • East Front Bombardment Chart & East Front Expanded Sequence of Play
    2 From the Editor's Desk
    By Rodger M. MacGowan
    3 Inside GMT
    By Gene Billingsley
    47 Feedback