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C3i Magazine → C3i Magazine Issue #8

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C3i Magazine Issue #8

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Game Module

6 Tyrant! -- Module Preview
  • PDF The Battle for Crimissos River, 341BC, Syracuse vs. Carthage, for the Great Battles of Alexander.

  • Features

    4 Operation Crusader: Battle For North Africa Scenario
  • PDF Official designer's historical scenario covering the operation from November 1941 to January 1942.
  • 12 Marcus Claudius Marcellus: The Sword of Rome
  • PDF Four new SPQR Battle Scenarios -- the battles of Clastidium 222BC, Nola 214BC, Acrillae 213BC, and Numistro 210BC.
  • 20 Samurai: Warfare in the Sengoku Jidai, 1560-1600
  • A Battle Report on the Battle of Mikata-Ga-Hara in 1572, with an overview on this latest volume in the Great Battles of History series.
  • 22 Eighth Air Force Variant: Abbeville Kids
  • Generation of squadrons of pilots covering 1939 to 1945.
  • 24 Close-Up Cover Feature: Crisis: Sinai 1973
  • PDF Tel Aviv or Bust: Conducting an all-out Egyptian attack. Proper strategy and tactics for a quick victory in the desert.
  • 31 Simple GBoH: New Rules for the Great Battles of History
  • Official Designer's rules for players who wish a faster, less diceroll-heavy version of the GBoH system, while retaining the historical flavor.
  • 40 Typhoon!: Official Developer Campaign Variant
  • PDF Retro-fitting the Non-Operational HQ rules from Barbarossa to Typhoon and simulating conditions for the Vyazma Pocket.
  • 42 C3i Forum: The Brotherhood of the Hexagon
  • PDF It began by playing cowboys and indians on the backyard. The Dear Old Dad opened a Pandora's Box labeled Tactics II.
  • 44 Rules Clarifications
  • Battle for North Africa and Crisis: Sinai 1973

  • Departments

    2 From the Editor's Desk
    3 Inside GMT
    19 News & Info: In the Pipeline
    46 Letters to the Editor
    47 Feedback Questions & Results