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Barbarossa: Army Group North, 1941

Status:  Made the Cut
Orders To Date:  763
DESIGNER Vance von Borries
ART DIRECTOR Rodger B. MacGowan
MAP ART Joe Youst
COUNTERS Rodger B. MacGowan and Mark Simonitch
Original Research: Thomas F. Burke
PRODUCER: Gene Billingsley
Regular Price: $102.00
P500 Price: $70.00



On June 22nd, 1941, Army Group North, the smallest of the three German army groups, drives forward into the Baltic states. Its objective is Leningrad. Once the crown jewel of Czarist Russia, Leningrad is now the second most important city in the Soviet Union. Its array of ordnance factories includes the massive Kirov Tank Works that turns out most of the heavy KV-1 and KV-2 production for the Soviet Army. Loss of Leningrad would deprive the Soviets of a major population and industrial center and give the Germans the advantage of position in any drive against Moscow from the northwest.

Army Group North, short of Luftwaffe support and motorized forces, is the only army group that fails to achieve a significant encirclement at any stage of its campaign. Skillfully utilizing terrain and ruthlessly exploiting the civilian population, the Soviets construct a fortified line along the Luga River that stalls the Germans for a month until massive Luftwaffe and motorized reinforcements from Army Group Center allow a decisive breakthrough and dash for Leningrad itself. In a furious September battle, the Germans fall just short of taking Leningrad when time runs out. Operation Typhoon, the final push against Moscow, is imminent. Army Group North must give up amost all of its Luftwaffe and motorized formations. With no strike force remaining, the Germans dig in. Leningrad survives capture only to endure a brutal, epic 900 day siege.

Can you, as the Axis commander, succeed where German High Command failed? As the Soviet commander, can you repeat history and halt the Axis invaders short of Leningrad?

Game Features

  • Five 22x34 inch color mapsheets (with a reprint of Map C from Army Group Center), plus Maps A, B, L, and a full sheet devoted to the Leningrad inset map.
  • Two 17x22 inch color mapsheets (front and back printed). Half sheet Map W with the Learning Scenario backprinted on it and a half mapsheet with Scenario One map area, set-up card, and rules on one side, and Scenario Two map area, set-up card, and rules on the other.
  • Eight scenarios (plus the learning scenario) allow players to vary their level of involvement, complexity, and starting point; from introductory to full campaign.
  • An assymetrical sequence of play which highlights Axis armored breakthroughs and Soviet difficulties in combined arms warfare, detailed air rules which integrate with land combat, and weather rules.
  • Incredibly detailed Order of Battle, including artillery, rocket artillery, engineers, bridge units, armored trains, and much more.
  • Modifications to the proven Typhoon system include revised overrun and Soviet surrender procedures, as well as a new non-op Soviet HQ system to simulate the rigid, yet fragile, Soviet Command structure.
  • Extensive bibliography and design/historical notes
TIME SCALE 2 days per turn
MAP SCALE 5 miles per hex
GROUND UNIT SCALE Division/Regiment
AIR UNIT SCALE 40-80 aircraft per counter

Customer Reviews
# of Ratings: 7
1. on 5/7/2008, said:
the russkies will hold the gerries at the border for a short turn two or three...then it's a race from leningrad. soviets must save some forces for a last stand. if they do...the red flag waves forever. gerries have to use their motorized forces very wisely. simple to play...but involves a lot more operational strategy than group south peter, natchez ms
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2. on 10/21/2007, said:
Nice historic feel but the germans don't stand a chance
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(6 people found this comment helpful, 17 did not)
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