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PUBLISHED 1995 DESIGNER Vance von Borries DEVELOPERS Gene Billingsley and Tony Curtis ART DIRECTOR Rodger B. MacGowan MAP ART Joe Youst COUNTERS John Kranz and Rodger B. MacGowan PRODUCER: Gene Billingsley
Price: $75.00

  • RETROFIT Typhoon!/Barbarossa:AGS Retrofit
  • Description


    In the fall of 1941, the German Blitzkrieg was ready for one more final grand effort: the conquest of Moscow. Code-named Typhoon, Germany expected this final offensive to destroy all Soviet armies in front of Moscow in a classic double-envelopment by the Panzer divisions. In short, the Germans expected Typhoon to end the war in the east. Spearheading the German attack was Army Group Center, General Guderian's PanzerArmee, with some 90,000 men in 70 divisions. Facing them, blocking the way to the Soviet seat of power, were over 800,000 Soviet troops in 95 divisions.

    The German assault was ferocious and incessant and came within sight of the Moscow Kremlin. Although their attacks ripped gaping holes in the Soviet lines, the defenders did not disintegrate, as the Germans expected. After suffering huge losses in the opening battles, the Soviets reinforced the front line with Siberian and other reserves numbering perhaps 1.2 million men.

    The battle for Moscow proved to be one of the decisive battles of the Second World War.

    Now, you can replay this epic struggle for supremacy in the east. The game's easy-to-play system allows the players to focus on the critical matters of operational maneuver and force coordination, while adding just enough chrome to faithfully recreate the key elements of the campaign. See if you have the skill to crush or save the Soviet Empire in 1941.

    960 full-color two-sided counters.

    Three 22x34" full-color mapsheets
    • One 10-sided die
    • 24-page Rule Book
    • 24-page Play Book
    • Player Aid Cards: Turn Record Track, "How to Read the Units" Card, Terrain Effects Chart, Combat Results Table, Axis & Soviet Air Operations Cards, Axis & Soviet Scenario Set-up Cards, Soviet Replacement Tables Card, Unit Tracking (Active, Cadre, Eliminated) Card, Victory Point Schedule
    Designer: Vance von Borries
    Developers: Gene Billingsley and Tony Curtis

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    # of Ratings: 5