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Andean Abyss 2nd Ed. Update Kit

Status:  Charging
Orders To Date:  550
Regular Price: $20.00
P500 Price: $14.00

Banner designs by Rachel Billingsley


Note: Unless otherwise noted, all samples below are from playtest graphics, not final game art. GMT Games claims no copyright on these images.



This update kit includes the components necessary to upgrade 1st edition version of Andean Abyss to the 2nd Edition. It includes the following:

  • 1 x Update booklet containing Rulebook section 8 and Playbook 1 player example section
  • 2 x updated Player Aid Card 2 insurgent bots Flowcharts (foldout). 
  • 2 x new Player Aid Card 3 Govbot (foldout)
  • 2 x updated Player Aid Card 4 Sequence (single sheet)
  • 9 x playing cards with text changes


Customer Reviews
# of Ratings: 2
1. on 9/14/2018, said:
Please note I haven't bought this, hence the rating. I've always admired GMT for shipping FINISHED games, unlike other well-known companies in the past. Has this begun to finish?? I know $14 is a reasonable sum for un update, but we gamers in foreign lands get a hit from postage, which will easily be at least another $15 if not more. If there was some way they could be shipped at zero cost (with another order) then I could be persuaded that this was a thing to buy into.
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