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Saint Omer to Saint Crispin: Tactical Battles of the Hundred Years War

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Banner designs by Rachel Billingsley


Note: Unless otherwise noted, all samples below are from playtest graphics, not final game art. GMT Games claims no copyright on these images.

  • Small Map Sample (playtest art)
  • Terrain Tile Sheet (playtest art)



  • Description


    "As God may help, it appears to me that all the flower and honor of chivalry is there, most wisely and expertly drawn up."

    -- John Chandos, before the Battle of Auray (29 September 1364)


    The Hundred Years War (1337 to 1453) was a dynastic struggle between the English house of Plantagenet and the French house of Valois for control of the French throne. Armies from across Europe would ally with these families, spreading combat as far from Gascony as Scotland and Portugal. Chivalry rose and fell on the backs of personalities like the Black Prince, Charles the Bad, and Pedro the Cruel, fought over battlefields at Creçy, Poitiers, and Agincourt. By the end of this period, chivalry would be in ashes and from those would be born the nations of England and France. 


    Saint-Omer to Saint Crispin is a follow-up (or, perhaps more accurately, a prequel) to Mike Nagel's Charles Roberts award nominated game Sun of York, that covers tactical battles between the English, French, and their respective allies during the Hundred Years War. The game uses a card-based system to activate units for movement, combat, and rally during each of the eighteen(!) individual scenarios. A large variety of combat units are ready for combat, including impetuous French knights and the feared English longbow men. Leadership is critical on the field of battle as command is not only needed to move combat units, but also has an impact upon how they perform. Combat is swift and bloody, with the victor determined by whoever holds the field.

    Battles Included:

  • LA CAPELLE (HYPOTHETICAL) - 23 October 1339
  • SAINT-OMER - 26 July 1340
  • MORLAIX - 30 September 1342
  • AUBEROCHE - 21 October 1345
  • BLANCHETAQUE - 24 August 1346
  • CREÇY - 26 August 1346
  • NEVILLE’S CROSS - 17 October 1346
  • CASSEL - 8 June 1347
  • BÉTHUNE - 13 June 1347
  • POITIERS - 19 September 1356
  • COCHEREL - 16 May 1364
  • AURAY - 29 September 1364
  • NAJERA - 3 April 1367
  • PONTVALLAIN - 4 December 1370
  • ROOSEBEKE - 27 November 1382
  • ALJUBARROTA - 14 August 1385
  • HUMBLETON HILL - 14 September 1402
  • AGINCOURT - 25 October 1415
  • In addition to the large number of historical battles, rules are included allowing players to design their own custom armies. As an added bonus, owners of Sun of York may also use the components provided by Saint-Omer to Saint Crispin to fight out battles from the Wars of the Roses in a more compact space.



    • Mounted Playing Surface/Mapboard
    • Counter Sheets (x4.5)
    • Terrain Tiles Sheets (x3)
    • 55-Card Decks (x2)
    • Six-Sided Dice (x6)
    • Player Aid Cards (x2)

    Time Scale: 5-10 minutes per turn

    Map Scale: Abstract

    Unit Scale: Leaders and 50-500 troops

    Number of Players: 2 



    Game Designer
    Mike Nagel

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