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Paths of Glory, Deluxe Edition

Status:  At The Printer
Orders To Date:  856
PUBLISHED: 1999, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2015
DESIGNER: Ted Raicer
ART DIRECTOR: Rodger B. MacGowan
MAP ART: Mark Simonitch
CARDS & COUNTER ART: Mark Simonitch
PRODUCERS: Andy Lewis, Gene Billingsley, Rodger MacGowan, Mark Simonitch, Tony Curtis
Regular Price: $70.00
P500 Price: $49.00


  • One 22" x 34" double-sided mounted mapboard (Classic Simonitch Map and the new Historical Scenario map by Terry Leeds.)
  • 316 full-color die cut counters including the optional counters first released in the POG Player’s Guide in 2002.
  • Updated 2017 Edition Rule Book incorporating prior rulings and errata.
  • 110 Core Strategy Cards & 20 Optional Cards from the POG Player’s Guide.
  • Updated Two Player Aid Cards
  • Two six-sided dice
  • Players Speak (Provided by
  • Players Speak(Provided by AWARDS
    • CSR: Best Pre-WWII Game1999
    • CSR: Dunnigan Award for Design and Playability to Ted Raicer 1999
    • Games 100: Best Historical Simulation Game 2001
  • Description

    Paths of Glory, designed by six-time Charles S. Roberts Award winner, Ted Raicer, allows players to step into the shoes of the monarchs and marshals who triumphed and bungled from 1914 to 1918. As the Central Powers you must use the advantage of interior lines and the fighting skill of the Imperial German Army to win your rightful “Place in the Sun." As the Entente Powers (Allies) you must bring your greater numbers to bear to put an end to German militarism and ensure this is “The War to End All Wars." Both players will find their generalship and strategic abilities put to the test as Paths of Glory's innovative game systems let you recreate all the dramatic events of World War I.

    This is the Sixth Printing of designer Ted Raicer’s award-winning classic card-driven game of the Great War.  More than just a reprint, it is a Deluxe Edition, sure to delight players new and old.  Polished by years of passionate play and heated discussion; this Deluxe Edition will apply the learnings of the past two decades to the rules, enhance game balance based on thousands of competitive playings, and take the physical components to a new level.  As a bonus, this edition includes both the classic AND the historical scenario map used in today’s competitive play, adds the additional counters and strategy cards first released in the Paths of Glory Player’s Guide, and provides a carefully curated set of markers to enhance face to face play.  


    Game Features

    TIME SCALE 3 months per turn
    MAP SCALE Point-to-Point
    UNIT SCALE Armies and Corps

    Customer Reviews
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    1. on 1/5/2018, said:
    Finest 2 player war-game I've every played. Can't wait to get this one with the new tournament map. Question on the updated components...will that include new artwork for the counters I hope? The counters could really use a facelift I about adding some nationality symbology or updating the way the numbers are plainly shown along on the bottom of the counters? I love POG and cannot wait for this my third purchase of this game.
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