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Holland '44: Operation Market-Garden

DESIGNER: Mark Simonitch
DEVELOPER: Mark Simonitch & Vincent Lefavrais
MAP & COUNTER ART: Mark Simonitch
PRODUCERS: Mark Simonitch, Tony Curtis, Andy Lewis, Rodger MacGowan, Gene Billingsley
Price: $55.00

  • One full size map sheet (22x34 inches)
  • One map section (17x22 inches)
  • Two sheets of counters
  • Two identical player aid cards
  • One scenario card
  • One rules booklet
  • Two 6-sided dice


Holland '44 is a two-player game depicting the Allies’ combined ground and airborne attack in the Netherlands during WWII, which was code named Operation Market-Garden.

The game starts with the airborne landings on September 17th and continues until September 23rd. The Allied player must rush his ground forces forward as fast as possible to relieve his beleaguered airborne divisions and capture a bridge across the Rhine.

Each day has three turns—two daylight turns representing 6 hours each and one night turn representing 12 hours. The total length of the game is 20 turns. A short scenario covering the first critical 10 turns is included.

The scale of the map is 2 kilometers per hex and covers the battlefield from the Belgium border to Arnhem. The map also includes the area where the British 8th Corps fought on the right flank of 30th Corps.

Most units in Holland ‘44 are battalions, but some company size units are included.



Holland '44 uses a system very similar to Ardennes ‘44. It is basically a simple move-fight, I-go then u-go game. If you have played Ardennes ‘44 or Normandy ‘44 you will have no trouble learning the game. Rules such as ZOC Bonds, Determined Defense, Extended Movement, and Traffic Markers all make their reappearance. Due to the terrain of the Netherlands, special attention was given to river crossings, bridge building, and fighting in the flat polder terrain.

Some screen shots of the first turn of the game showing the situation after Allied movement and combat.



TIME SCALE Each turn = 3 days (AM, PM, Night)
MAP SCALE 2km per hex
UNIT SCALE Battalions

Customer Reviews
# of Ratings: 6
1. on 1/31/2018, said:
I have played this twice, both sides, face-to-face (although the first playing was halted by a gust of wind removing the map and counters from the table). We both thoroughly enjoyed the game finding it not too complex but certainly with enough nuances to make it very interesting. The flexibility to try different approaches to achieve a victory provide both short and long term challenges to both sides. A great game and highly recommended. By the way the first game was leaning towards a German victory and the second playing reached a German victory in turn 15.
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2. on 12/7/2017, said:
Love all GMT war games-Just wish all games come on mounted boards. Was very disappointed that this wasn’t after the last few games you’ve produced that have had mounted boards. Please produce a upgrade pack and stop producing paper maps.... Thanks a loyal customer
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3. on 10/25/2017, said:
Played this solo a few time now and am really enjoying it. Set up is very quick, say 20 minutes, thanks to well thought out and nicely designed map and counters. The game is very playable but there isn't a wow factor in the design. As Mark Simonitch acknowledges, it borrows from Hell's Highway, which can only be good as that remains one of my all time favourites. So 4 stars. But the inclusion of a wider map corridor with 8Corps and 12Corps opens up some intriguing, if unhistorical, alternative routes to Nijmegen. The CRT doesn't punish attacks at 1-2 and 1-3 so there is an incentive for full-on aggression with lots of mini-battles taking place as the Germans seek to wear down the airborne troops. Getting a XXX corps unit over the Lower Rhine in the face of blown bridges and road interdictions seems next to impossible, but maybe searching for it is what makes it addictive.
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4. on 11/11/2016, said:
Excited to both try this system and to finally add a Market-Garden game to my collection. My only comment is that the light blue margin on the east edge of the play-test map makes me think it's a coast line, which it obviously isn't. Perhaps a different color?
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