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Invierno Cubano: Castro’s Counterinsurgency, 1959-1965

Status:  Made the Cut
Orders To Date:  1467
Regular Price: $28.00
P500 Price: $19.00

Banner designs by Rachel Billingsley


Note: Images on this page are from the playtest Vassal module and some art may change before publication.



Cuba, January 1959. Fidel Castro’s 26 July Movement rolls into Havana. Castro’s fledgling government now aims to consolidate power and reform the country. But wealthy landowners—Terratenientes—are determined to maintain their grip on Cuba’s agriculture. Former Directorio Revolucionario rebels and ousted members of Batista’s regime regroup and unite as Bandidos in the Escambray Mountains. The DR’s urban students relocate to Miami, where they plan subversive strikes against their homeland. Meanwhile, other Cuban exiles prepare a CIA-sponsored invasion....

Invierno Cubano is a 1-4 player expansion for Cuba Libre, Volume II in GMT’s award-winning COIN Series. Picking up the action after the toppling of the Batista regime, Invierno Cubano offers four new asymmetrical factions vying for control of the island, a new deck, and a host of new options.

Invierno Cubano employs the core game system of Cuba Libre. More than a sequel, it adds exciting concepts to the COIN Series:

  • Leaders that facilitate Government actions.
  • Soviet aid shipments to the Cold War hotbed.
  • Competition among insurgent factions for US backing. 
  • Cross-faction recruitment to bolster the insurgency. 
  • Directorio ships for covert attacks and rescues. 
  • Amphibious invasion of the island by Brigade 2506 guerrillas. 
  • Reform events that alter conditions for each campaign. 
  • Masking cards that foster uncertainty.
  • Structured negotiation for an additional path to victory.


Invierno Cubano features an array of new Operations and Special Activities to explore: Deploy, Inform, Shakedown, Harvest, Unite, Campaign, Disobedience, Govern, Homestead, Rescue, and more. Like Cuba Libre, it includes a full solitaire system—a new suite of challenging Non-player opponents.

Note: Invierno Cubano is not a stand-alone game; a copy of Cuba Libre is required to play.

Expansion Design: Adam Zahm
Development: Volko Ruhnke
Core Game Design: Volko Ruhnke and Jeff Grossman


  • 56 Playing Cards.
  • 4 Faction Player Aid foldouts.
  • 2 Sequence of Play sheets.
  • 2 Non-player foldouts.
  • 1 Negotiation Display sheet.
  • 1 full-color Countersheet. 
  • 1 Aid Display tile.
  • Rules Booklet.
  • Play Booklet.
  • 9”x12” zip-lock bag. 




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