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The Battle for Normandy

  • One Rule Book
  • One Scenario Book
  • Five (5) 22x34” full color Maps
  • Nine (9) full color counter sheets
  • 8-1/2x11” Allied Air Allocation Log (laminated)
  • 8-1/2x11” Axis AAA Allocation Log (laminated)
  • 11x17” Turn Record Track
  • 8-1/2x11” Terrain Effects Chart (x2)
  • 8-1/2x11” Repl/Recon/Weather chart (x2)
  • 8-1/2x11” German Record Track
  • 8-1/2x11” Allied Record Track
  • 8-1/2x11” Combat Results Table (x2)
  • Dice - 3d6 and 1d10
DEVELOPER: Dan Holte, Mark Simonitch, Justin Rice, and Neil Wakefield
ART DIRECTOR: Rodger B. MacGowan
MAP ART: Mark Simonitch
COUNTER ART: Mark Simonitch and Charlie Kibler
PRODUCERS: Gene Billingsley, Tony Curtis, Andy Lewis, Rodger MacGowan, Mark Simonitch


The Battle for Normandy is a game that represents the climactic campaign in Normandy from D-Day, 6 June 1944 to the first week of August 1944 at primarily battalion level. Numerous scenarios are included to play out various smaller battles in Normandy. It is intended for two players or player teams.


  • Campaign : 5 maps, 6 June - 10 Aug
  • Bloody Omaha : part of one map, 6 June - 10 June
  • Cobra : 2 maps (most of play on one though), 25 July - 31 July
  • Goodwood & Cobra (combined): 4 maps, 18 July - 31 July
  • Operation Epsom : 1 map, 26 June - 1 July
  • The Battle for Cherbourg : 1 map, 18 June - 27 June



 Game Features

TIME SCALE 6 hours per turn
MAP SCALE 1250 yards per hex
UNIT SCALE Battalion or Company










Customer Reviews
# of Ratings: 37
1. on 5/22/2014, said:
This is a great game for anyone interested in a detailed simulation of the Normandy campaign. The components are beautiful to look at and the rules are simple to digest. I got the expansion too which makes this a true monster with 7 maps and thousands of counters, yet it is still playable. Thanks to Danny Holte for designing this awesome game, hope there's more to come using the same basic rules. My best gaming investment of the last few years!
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2. on 5/3/2014, said:
Amazingly good. Any wargamer should try this. It is a monster but is easily understood. The flavor is wonderful and there are plenty of agonizing decisions. The foot print is huge though so be prepared. Very playable and highly recommended.
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3. on 2/19/2014, said:
Love this game! .................Paragraph :O)........... Love the beach landing. Some might call it "fiddly" but I like how it is down to companies landing on the beaches then to become combat effective these companies have to reform up into battalions. .................Paragraph :O)........... Saw someone mention the British anti-tank is better on attacking, there is actually a rule allowing you to use the attack value for defense if certain conditions are met. .................Paragraph :O)........... Also the combat strength of Panzer IV vs V being the same as a company vs battalions. It shows how fighting units get better when working as a unit. A company might not be a huge increase over a less capable model but when at battalion strength fighting as a battalion they do. .................Paragraph :O)........... Great art work and effective use of colors to help differentiate the different divisions. Helps with keeping unit cohesion for the divisions on the battlefield and supply and logistics for said units. .................Paragraph :O)........... SO MUCH information on the counters but done in a very easy way that doesn't overwhelm you with information using colors for tank or anti tank. Step builds of the unit, etc. .................Paragraph :O)........... Love the map, minor issue easily fixed with Map B cutting a half hex off of it, depicting the terrain. This game a person really need to use the terrain during the game. Much more than say Europa which is the only other "Monster Game" I played before. Another feature I love about this game is mech units actually need to cross where the bridges are and not just subtract movement from its movement rate. Guess this can be contributed to the scale being used but that was one thing that always bugged me with Europa. .................Paragraph :O)........... Saw some one person mention they didn't like that villages were represented by dots on the map. Villages are represented on the map but not by the dots. The dots are actually varying features known to be in the hex. Might be a farm or a ditch or hill not big enough to be represented on the map but able to assist in the defense of the space. .................Paragraph :O)........... Each hex is 1,250 yards....a mile has 1,760 yards so not quite a mile per hex but roughly 3/4. I could it helped me to know this while playing. .................Paragraph :O)........... The Combat Supply Points (CSP's) for the allies is awesome! (Maybe because I have a degree in Supply Chain and Logistics I am partial to the unique needs of it.) I have no direct first hand experience on combat operations and the needed supply but have read a lot of books and love this feature of the game. You truly have to do your attacks wisely. With this though I suggest using the Graduated Supply rules. .................Paragraph :O)........... Did I say I love this game. :O) Looking forward to The Battle for Sicily (although beach landings don't seem to be the same as the map doesn't have beach hexes) and I heard a rumor that Dan was working on a Market Garden game using the same system. I would love that!. .................Paragraph :O)........... My dream is there would be maps that can connect Normandy to Market garden. Yes it be about 10 maps or so to link the two up. Time wise with the expansion from Normandy going to the end of Aug there isn't much. Operation Market Garden started Sep 15th. .................Paragraph :O)........... Maybe an expansion to link the two up. Kind of be nice to see what people come up on their own instead of doing Market Garden as planed or....what is left of units getting so far from the beaches. .................Paragraph :O)........... Anyways The Battle for Normandy....GREAT GAME!
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4. on 1/26/2012, said:
Great Game!
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5. on 6/22/2011, said:
The usual high standards in graphics and physical quality. The rules are short and crisp and the system easy to learn and fast to play, which is a must considering the size of the game if it is to be played rather than just admired. A few minor details are a bit srange however. PzIV and V companies have the same ´strength but the batallions do not? Wonder why? The British anti tank units are stronger on the offense than on defense! Very peculiar indeed. The effects of it all is a good simulation of the nature of the Normandy fighting with attrition, limited room for manoeuvre, and still it is fast and above all fun to play.
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6. on 1/28/2011, said:
Great product! Good maps, stunning units, and understandable rules that play fairly simply. I own every Normandy game ever produced-some truly terrible, some mediocre, only a few really good. Danny Holte got this one right! An instant if I could just get somebody to use this format on a simulation of Kursk 1943! P.S.- Carl, stop whining about "monsters"-the only way that you can get the feel of operational combat right is to use this scale. I suggest you stick with simulations like "Stratego"-though I have some doubts that you'll be able to handle its complexity level...somebody must like monsters, based on how they sell, and their astronomical resale prices on ebay! Tim
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7. on 10/27/2010, said:
A true playable monster game. Great game.
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8. on 9/5/2010, said:
A product you'd love to be great. You have deluxe material (kudos!) but unnecessary, complicated rules that lacks relevant play-aids. A serious rule update would make it a perfect game - but design team seems conservative.
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9. on 4/16/2010, said:
The best place for questions/discussion is at[email protected]@.1dd25a9e/4562 On the breakdowns: Those are generic. The MkIV and MkV graphics are only for aesthetics. The Maps: I think it is best to lay C over B.
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10. on 4/12/2010, said:
Great game; however, I am trying the first scenario (Omaha) and having problems with matching Map B over Map C. Seems not to align very well and the invasion “Charlie” space on Map C is a cliff hexside; however, when overlaid with Map B, it becomes a clear hex. Also, the roads do not seem to align very well on the south part of these maps. Has anyone had problems with their Maps aligning properly (primarily Map B & C)? thanks
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