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Illusions of Glory

  • One 22’ x 34’ full-color mounted mapboard
  • Three full-color Counter Sheets
  • 110 full-color playing cards (55 Allied; 55 Central Powers)
  • Rule Book
  • Play Book (with Strategy Guide, Card Histories, and Scenarios)
  • Mobilization/Setup Card
  • Two Combat Results Cards
  • Brusilov Offensive Scenario Card
  • Two six-sided dice
DESIGNER Perry R. Silverman
DEVELOPER Fred Schachter
MAP & COUNTER ART Mark Simonitch
PRODUCERS Gene Billingsley, Tony Curtis, Andy Lewis, Rodger MacGowan, Mark Simonitch
Price: $65.00



Illusions of Glory—The Great War on the Eastern Front is the latest Card Driven Game to simulate the Great War in Europe.  First came the award-winning legendary Paths of Glory by Ted Raicer, which simulates the entire war in Europe and the Middle East which is now a convention favorite.  It was followed by the well-received Pursuit of Glory, designed by Brad and Brian Stock, which focuses on the war in the Near East.  Illusions of Glory takes this proven game system to a new and exciting level by applying its focus to the Eastern Front.

The Allied Powers bring massive forces to bear against Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey while trying to prevent a game-changing revolution in Russia.  The Central Powers must defeat Russia, hold off Italy, and win the upper hand in the Balkans or face demoralization and rebellion at home.  Players test their generalship and strategic abilities as Illusions of Glory lets you recreate the dramatic events of World War I’s Eastern Front.  

Your hand of strategy cards present you with a rich array of strategic and operational choices.  You must decide whether to use each card for its historic event, unit movement, combat, or troop replacements. You must commit your forces to a variety of objectives: winning the dynamic war of maneuver between German-led and Russian armies; seizing the Balkans and its vital objectives; or prevailing in the conflict between Austria-Hungary and Italy.  If you are looking for a game that is relevant, fun, challenging, and tense, from complete campaigns to shorter playing scenarios, you will enjoy Illusions of Glory.


  • Campaign Game
  • Mobilization
  • Limited War
  • Total War
  • Italian Front Mini Game



Historical Duration:  1914 to 1918

Units:  Corps and Divisions

Time:  Three months per turn

Map:  Point to Point

Players: 2-4








Customer Reviews
# of Ratings: 2
1. on 8/8/2018, said:
Thoroughly enjoyed playing this despite the minor quibbles about the initial release undergoing several revisions/corrections. Personally I am very grateful for the constant work put into this game to make the final product as of today an incredibly enjoyable gaming experience. Thank you GMT!
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2. on 7/3/2018, said:
Having purchased this game through P500, I received it in August last year. The main reason that I purchased this game was that I had limited but enjoyable experience playing some other CDGs, including Wilderness War, Falling Sky (COIN) and one game of Paths of Glory. After opening the box and flicking through the rules, I set up and went through the extended example of play. I quickly became confused (there are a few mistakes in it) and it was difficult and confusing to match the rules with the given examples. The big problem was that there was no reference number of the rule being used in the example. I also got the feeling that it and the rules were written for someone with experience in Paths of Glory. Next I set up to play a solo game in order to learn how to apply and understand the rules. I found the rules weren't that easy to read, some rules were in different places and there was a level of contradiction across them. Turning to the relevant forums showed that there are issues (I was pleased to see that it wasn't just me) that needed resolving. Further looking into the Living Rules I saw that there is a lot of "Blue" text across the rules and player cards indication a poor level of testing and editing prior to publication. This along with card edits and missing counters is very disappointing. I have delayed writing a negative review of the game for almost a year, waiting to see how GMT Games will respond to the varied criticisms levelled at the game. To date there has been no official notification of what will be done to fix or update the game and in what time frame. I still look forward to playing this game, when fixed, and hopefully writing a more positive review. But in the mean time I remain quite disappointed. Finally I am happy to say that I have since purchased and played two other GMT games, Holland'44 and Pendragon, and found them both to be very well produced and thoroughly enjoyable to play.
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