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Night Fighter Digital Edition (Windows PC)

Status:  Not there yet
Orders To Date:  344
Regular Price: $29.00
P500 Price: $20.00

Banner designs by Rodger B. MacGowan




Nightfighter is a single-player game set in the darkened skies of WWII.  Players take the role of pilots defending their country’s airspace from enemy bombers seeking to attack targets under cover of night.  Use ground and air based radar, searchlights and the Mark I eyeball to find the enemy and send them down in flames before they can escape!  Based on the board game of the same name by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, Nightfighter matches a fun and playable game system with a high level of accurate historical detail.  Nightfighter is a game for Windows PC (Windows 7 or newer).

Scenario Selection:



Nightfighter has 10 core scenarios. They depict certain basic nighttime air intercept situations. Between them you will discover a variety of encounters featuring different nationalities, aircraft, and ground support options.

If you're unfamiliar you can start with a scenario like intercepting a V-1 "Buzz Bomb." The rocket's bright exhaust is highly visible, which makes it very easy to track. If you crave more challenge you can try to stop German bombers during the Blitz on London, a nigh-impossible challenge unless there is a bright moon on that night (or you have phenomenal luck.)

You can choose between basic scenarios, where a single nightfighter takes to the air to locate and kill bombers with no support from the ground and later scenarios with many more possibilities featuring the full arsenal of aircraft and radar.


Imagine attacking a British bomber stream while dodging Mosquitos that are trying to shoot YOU down, or flying night time CAP over a US carrier task force to stop Japanese flare droppers from illuminating your ships and exposing them to torpedo attack. Try out airborne radar while dodging flak from ground batteries. Ultimately, the goal is the same: Stop the enemy without being shot down yourself.


In the example shown above,  shooting down one enemy is a victory, while shooting down two or more is a decisive victory (with schnapps all around when you get back to base.) If, instead, you are so careless as to lose the fighter entrusted to you by the Reich, then you are defeated!

Movement Phase:


This shows an example of many of the elements that appear in a fully-featured Nightfighter scenario.


The information displays on the side let you know the state of the clouds and moon, as well as the general state of your forces. Your ground search radar (designated FREYA:1) has localized an enemy to within a two hex radius. Meanwhile, the searchlights in zone F1 have fixed an enemy in their beams. It should be an easy target if you can get there before it flies out of the zone!

You move your nightfighter by tapping or clicking on the arrows; a blue arrow moves you ahead, while the orange arrow turns you to face that direction.

In this example, the enemy caught in the search lights is directly behind you. You probably won't be able to reach him before he flies out of the zone; It might be better to pursue the radar contact and see if you can acquire a visual tally.


Combat Phase:



Here we see what happens when your nightfighter catches up to an unlucky bomber. The nightfighter has closed on the enemy, unleashed a barrage of fire, and scored enough damage to send it flaming out of the sky!

A second nightfighter, which had been heading over to help run down the contact, will have to look elsewhere for a kill.

Combat in nightfighter happens when two units are in the same hex and heading in the same direction. The bomber gets a chance to spot the incoming threat (which might allow to fire defensively or to try and evade.) The nightfighter will strike if the bomber crew isn't attentive or responsive enough.



Nightfighter is a game for Windows (Windows 7 or newer). The game is still in development. We are taking pre-orders via P500 now with an eye toward releasing the game in the 2nd half of 2014.


How We are Distributing This Game:

This game will be available only via Digital Download, and only direct from the GMT website.  The PC game will not be sold through any third parties or other online distribution networks.

P500 Orders: We are using the P500 system for pre-orders here, mainly for three reasons:

1. We want to thank you guys who order early (see #2 below) by giving you a great discount (over 30% off) on the game.

2. Because we are providing the game via our servers, it's important that we be able to know exactly how many copies we will sell on the day we launch the game, so that we can be sure to have enough server capacity on-hand to handle the load. So although we are not using P500 in our usual manner as a way to determine when we will produce the game, your orders and knowing the total number to expect is going to help us ensure a smooth launch for everyone.

Just a note here for our customers in Europe who have been having such a difficult time with customs fees and many of whom have felt really bad about having to suspend their P500 orders. Well, guys, here's your chance to support GMT and our P500 program without having to worry about shipping costs or customs fees, and get a great discount as well!

When Will the Cards Be Charged?
We'll keep you updated on development and testing progress through the first half of the year. As we near the end of the testing process, we will announce an exact Release Date, and will charge your cards VERY close to that date. (probably just a few days to a week before we release the game) The only reason we need to pre-charge even by a little here is to allow the office ladies time to contact anyone whose credit card details have changed in time for them to correct that before the game is released.

What if I Pre-Order then Change My Mind Before the Game is Released?
You can cancel a P500 pre-order for this game just as easily as you can for any P500 game -- directly from your account on the website, without even contacting GMT. We hope you won't do that en masse, of course :-), but should you need to, it's no problem.

Original Game Design: Lee Brimmicombe-Wood



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1. on 10/28/2017, said:
No Steam release ??
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2. on 11/25/2016, said:
I cannot wait for this one, but i wonder if i will ever see it.. It's more that 2 years that i'm waiting for it..
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3. on 3/14/2014, said:
All iPad software must go through the Apple store. There is no way for GMT to offer a pre-order for iOS software. The plan is that if the pre-order goal on the PC is reached, there will simultaneously release for the iPad as well, through Apple.
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4. on 3/7/2014, said:
There was mention of an iPad version as well, but not on the P500 page. What's the story?
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5. on 2/7/2014, said:
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