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Solitaire Games → Conquest of Paradise - 2nd Ed.

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Conquest of Paradise - 2nd Ed.

  • One 34" x 22" color game map of the Pacific Ocean, spanning from Australia to America
  • 176 colorful 5/8" game pieces depicting Polynesian warriors, canoes, and colonists
  • 140 additional 1/2" game markers, representing Polynesian villages, intensive agriculture, and discovered islands
  • 50 Wood village markers
  • 28 Discovery Tiles, depicting Polynesian island groups
  • 28 illustrated cultural innovations cards
  • 27 illustrated random event cards
  • One full-color Rule Book with examples of play, advanced rules, historic references, and only seven pages of rules.
  • One Designer’s Notes book with twenty pages of Polynesian history, geography and mythology, player’s notes and designer’s notes.
  • Four full-color 8 1/2" x 5 1/2” player reference cards
  • One six-sided die.

PUBLISHED 2007, 2016
DESIGNER Kevin McPartland
DEVELOPERS Fred Shachter & Tony Nardo
ART DIRECTOR Rodger B. MacGowan
COVER PAINTING Herb Kawainui Kane © 2007
PRODUCERS Mark Simonitch, Andy Lewis, Tony Curtis, Rodger MacGowan, & Gene Billingsley

Price: $57.00 

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1. Kenneth on 5/18/2018, said:

Playing the solitaire version, CoP provides hours of great gaming fun and a diversion from the standard war game.
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2. Bryan on 1/3/2017, said:

(2nd Edition) What a beauty! I had held out from getting the original because I knew a bigger, better version was on its way and boy was I right! The overhaul given to the player pieces and the board itself is great, but the box art and the event cards are also quite lovely as well. Really, the entire production is beautiful. As for the game, Conquest sits wonderfully within that upper half of Euro-friendly strategy. The exploration of new tiles and the "building" points and the option to include random events gives the game a nice amount of flavor and just enough tension to make you second guess developing a far-reaching island group. The rules are very well written and the majority of the mechanisms are easy to grasp and teach. My only obstacle was understanding how transport canoes became (and were no longer) part of a transport chain. Your island groups can share build points (and generate victory points!) when they're connected via these chains. It took a bit, but I eventually got it. Conquest of Paradise is a must-have if you enjoy watching a map unfold and generate before your eyes...and you have a taste for building an empire and sending it out to do your bidding, which is certainly a viable strategy when dealing with other tribes around the table!
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3. Randy on 10/27/2016, said:

Absolutely impressed with the mounted map and the 2nd edition overall! Well done!! Cannot wait to get this on the table and get some games played.
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4. Jonathan on 3/3/2015, said:

What seemed to be an odd bird for GMT has turned into one of the best convention games, and one of the best easy-to-teach four-player games. It seems innocuous and friendly when the game begins, but two-thirds of the way through the game, the gloves come off and the war canoes go out. Great game,and I'm looking forward to the 2nd edition, which promises to make an already great game greater!
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5. Dale on 12/12/2013, said:

A marvelous game to show students the exploration of the Pacific by the Polynesians, along with the concept that developing an economy and exploring is more important that attacking your neighbor.
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6. Vlad Nicolae on 4/7/2011, said:

It ain't the ultimate strategy boardgame, but I wasn't expecting that. It's just a fun light euro-wargame that I enjoy playing.
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7. Martin on 4/25/2010, said:

Just played my first game today and am really sorry I waited so long. What a fun game. Underrated and overlooked whn it deserves more attention.
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8. Michael on 8/13/2009, said:

The game is entertaining and educational but I'm not sure about how many real choices one has when playing. I played about 6 times, I believe lost all the games, and I'm never sure if I could have done things significantly differently to change the outcome. Either you find good islands or you don't. Theoretically if you don't you should go on an offensive to take rich islands from others before they have a chance to develop further, but I have yet to see this sort of strategy work. Most often whoever finds the best islands wins, and military offensives are not effective. I still want to play, but I am uncertain as to how much of a game this really is.
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9. Jason L. on 12/19/2007, said:

I got this game just this past week. The short, well-worded rulebook allowed us to dive right in a play. Very good game.
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Showing comments 1-9 of 9

NOTE: The 2nd edition of Conquest of Paradise includes a MOUNTED MAPBOARD and a set of Solitaire Rules.


  • The Time: Circa 500 A.D.
  • The Place: The first islands of a new culture, later to be known as Polynesia.

The Situation: You lead a tribe looking to expand its influence throughout the South Pacific.

Conquest of Paradise is a game of empire building in the "Polynesian Triangle" of the central Pacific Ocean for two, three, or four players. Players explore the unknown ocean around them, hoping to discover the most lucrative island groups, and colonize them. They build canoes and train warriors to create a force to defend their empire, while forging lines of communication with their developing discoveries. Resources are scarce; using them wisely is a key to victory. Investing in exploration widens your empire. Building warriors strengthens your empire. Investing resources into cultural innovations can yield unexpected dividends, like tattooing, hula dancing, surfing, or even the giant moai statues of Easter Island fame.

Conquest of Paradise is a well-tested, fast-playing design geared to appeal to players who enjoy games like New World, Civilization, and Conquistador. You can learn the game in 10-15 minutes and finish a complete game in 60-90 minutes.

Conquest of Paradise is a game of exploration and empire building, but also (as you'd expect from a GMT game) CONFLICT. Choosing when to build those expensive warriors, and when and where to fight, given limited resources, is key to your success.