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The Victories of Marshal Saxe

DESIGNER: Nicolas Stratigos
ARTIST: Christophe Camillotte and Pascal da Silva
Price: $27.00

  • 59x40 cm map (printed on a two-sided sheet)
  • 216 double-sided die cut counters
  • a rule and scenarios booklet
  • player-aid card in color


From 1745 to 1747, during the War of Austrian Succession, Maurice de Saxe won three great victories against the allied army known as the "Pragmatic Army".

On May 11, 1745, at Fontenoy, after a brilliant maneuver, he drives the British-Dutch army, commanded by Cumberland, to confront him on the terrain of his choosing. Following a furious fighting where the French army, under the eyes of the King Louis XV, struggles but does not fall, the Pragmatic army retreats, leaving behind thousands of fallen men.

On October 11, 1746, at Rocoux, on the uplands of Liège, the Maréchal de Saxe defeats the allied army leb by Charles Alexandre de Lorraine.

Finally, on July 2 1747, at the battle of Lauffeld nera Maastricht, the French army attacks and is victorious from a position diametrically opposed to that of Fontenoy. Following fierce fighting around the village of Lauffeld, the allies army, once again commanded by Cumberland, owes salvation to the sacrifice of the British cavalry.

Marshal de Saxe victories allows players to relieve the Lace Wars and to replay in an evening the Battles of Fontenoy and Lauffeld. 

TIME SCALE 60 minutes per turn
300/400m per hex
UNIT SCALE Regiments and brigades

Customer Reviews
# of Ratings: 4
1. on 9/30/2017, said:
Would really like to see more games on this period using this system. The battles covered are interesting, but not the best balanced for the period. That being said, the graphics are amazing, the rules are clear, and the system is a joy to play.
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2. on 7/5/2014, said:
Amazing graphics, map is cluttered but functional, counters are art, rules translation a little off but quite manageable, games are both very entertaining and fairly well balanced, with Fontenoy in particular having a lot of replay value. Would definitely recommend!
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3. on 5/12/2012, said:
Great game! love the icon counters with many accurate uniformed counters from all over Europe at the time. Battles of the Austrian War of Succession were bloody mostly straight forward encounters in the center of the opposing lines. The games have room for movement and some creativity in the battles, such as Fontenoy opens with the french having an open flank so it makes you wonder why the British/Allies tried to slug it out through the heavily defended center. Map and counters make the game engaging.
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