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The Lion and the Sword

DESIGNER: Frédéric Bey
ARTIST: Christophe Camillotte and Pascal da Silva
Price: $27.00


The Lion and the Sword is a new module for the series Au fil de l’ Epée (By the Edge of the Sword), with die-cut counters. It will constitute the third game in the Collection “Jeux d’Histoire” (“Historical Games”) from Vae Victis. It covers two battles won by Richard The Lionheart, King of England, duke of Aquitaine and Normandy, count of Maine and Anjou, during the Crusade in which he took part (1190-1192).

From Sicily, where he met up with the king of France, Philippe Auguste (Philip Augustus), Richard set sail for Saint Jean d'Acre. Part of his fleet accidentally made landfall at Cyprus, and when Richard came to its rescue one thing led to another until he ended up conquering the entire island. He entered into conflict with Isaac Dukas Comnenus (nephew of the former Byzantine emperor Manuel) who had proclaimed himself independent emperor of Cyprus in 1184. Richard defeated him decisively in the plain of Tremetousia on 21 May 1191, and took possession of the island. Richard then proceeded to Acre, which surrendered to the kings of France and England on 12 July after a difficult siege. Philippe, ill and preoccupied with the affairs of his kingdom, left the Holy Land on 31 July. He left Richard alone to face the victor of Hattin (1187), the powerful Ayyoubid sultan Saladin. En route toward Jerusalem, Richard's Crusader army was attacked on the march by that of Saladin near the forest of Arsuf (or Arsour). In the great battle which ensued on 7 September, Richard gained a victory which discouraged Saladin from offering any further pitched battles. But Richard CÏur de Lion did not succeed in freeing Jerusalem, and had to be satisfied with a truce that opened the holy city to pilgrims the following year.

Battles: Tremetousia (Cyprus, May 21 1191) and Arsuf (Holy Land, September 7 1191).

TIME SCALE 30 minutes per turn
200m per hex

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