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Lost Victory

DESIGNER David James Ritchie
DEVELOPER Gene Billingsley
ART DIRECTOR Rodger B. MacGowan
MAP ART Mark Simonitch and Joe Youst
Price: $45.00



The Man Field Marshal Eric von Manstein was Germany's greatest operational genius. It was Manstein who first proposed the German surprise attack through the Ardennes forest that crushed the French in 1940 ... Manstein's Panzerkorps had spearheaded the drive on Leningrad in 1941 ... Manstein had overrun the Crimea and crushed the world's most powerful fortress at Sevastopol ... and it was Manstein that Hitler now tapped to take control of the battle in the Ukraine.
The Crisis Winter 1943 -- The doomed German 6th Army was dying inside Stalingrad. As the eyes of the world focused on that tragedy, a worse disaster was brewing far to the west. The Red Army was descending on the city of Kharkov and driving for the main German supply bases on the Dniepr. All that stood in its path was a thin gray line of worn-out battlegroups and scratch formations gleaned from rear service areas. If that line broke and the enemy captured the bases at Zaporozhe and Dniepropetrovsk, the entire German Army in southern Russia would be cut off and destroyed. The fate of the nation was in the hands of clerks and bottle washers ... and, of course, Field Marshal Manstein.
The Game Lost Victory puts you in command of the opposing forces in the winter 1943 campaign. A unique integrated Ops Phase lets you choose what your units do and when they do it without any artificial limits on when they can move and fight. This system is complemented by a system of combat bonuses that lets you choose just the right weapons for each battle you fight. Together, they give you unparalleled control over your armies. But watch out: if the wrong HQ is coordinating an attack or units from too many different formations are involved, you can find your perfect attack coming apart at the seams. Then you may face every commander's nightmare: the dreaded SNAFU that leaves your assault in shambles and your career in doubt.

  • Fast-paced game system built around integrated Ops Phase in which players can freely combine movement, combat, support and bombardment operations in any desired order.
  • Realistic combat system that includes artillery, tank, antitank, and engineer effects, assault bonuses for penal battalions and the influence of C3I. Special SNAFU system models -- what happens when military planning goes awry.
  • Multiplicity of unit types, including motorized infantry, panzergrenadiers, heavy tanks, assault guns, flammpanzers, recon, motorcycle, cavalry, partisans, ski troops, commandos, katayushas, armored trains and ersatz units.
  • Special rules for weather, recon, reaction, HQ's, fuel depletion, urban uprisings and Soviet recruitment.

    TIME SCALE 3 days per turn
    MAP SCALE 6 kilometers per hex
    UNIT SCALE Regiment / Brigade
    NUMBER OF PLAYERS One to four
    PLAYING TIME 2-12 hours

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    1. on 7/5/2014, said:
    Good game, a little tough for the Russians to win against a competent German player, maybe best for solitaire, but still a fun game to play.
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