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DESIGNER: Lee Brimmicombe-Wood
ART DIRECTOR: Rodger B. MacGowan
MAP & COUNTER ART: Lee Brimmicombe-Wood
PACKAGE ART: Rodger B. MacGowan
PRODUCERS: Tony Curtis, Rodger MacGowan, Andy Lewis, Gene Billingsley & Mark Simonitch
Regular Price: $55.00
On Sale For: $35.00

  • One 17" x 22" Player's map
  • One 11" x 17" Umpire's map
  • 88 5/8" counters
  • 280 1/2" counters
  • Player Aid Umpire's Screen
  • Patrol Display
  • Rule Book
  • Scenario Book
  • Rules Supplement Book
  • Six 6-sided dice


Nightfighter is a board game of air warfare in the night skies of WWII. Using a blind play system, an umpire controls the attacking forces while the defending player must find, fix, and destroy the incoming bombers.

Nightfighter recreates the tactics of night fighting, from the cat's eye intercepts of the London night blitz to the Mosquito intruder operations at the climax of the war.

More than forty scenarios describe the development of nightfighting aircraft and technology. Rules cover radar-guided interception, searchlights, airborne radar and electronic countermeasures. Specials weapons such as SchrÔÇ×ge Musik are featured. Tactics such as Wild Boar and Tame Boar (Wilde Sau and Zahme Sau) receive their own scenarios.

Nightfighter features more than fifty fighter and bomber variants, from early Blenheim and Ju88 interceptors to advanced fighters such as the Mosquito and He219. Pacific operations see F4U-2s and P-61A Black Widow fighters engaging Japanese bomber threats. Rarities such as the Ta154, Me262B-1a and the Japanese J1N1 Gekko are included.

Fast-playing, with scenarios that can be completed in 30-45 minutes, Nightfighter provides a new view of the night hunters of the sky.

TIME SCALE 1 minute per turn
1 mile per hex
UNIT SCALE Individual fighters and bombers
NUMBER OF PLAYERS 2: Umpire and Player

Customer Reviews
# of Ratings: 5
1. on 9/28/2012, said:
I really wanted to love this game, but I ended up just liking it a lot. The night war is one of the most fascinating (and least-studied) aspects of World War II in the air, and this game tries to do it justice. It comes close, but in some ways misses a couple of marks. The umpired rules are cumbersome (download the solitaire rules and use makes a big difference), and I was disappointed to find the campaign focusing only on the early period of the night war. A mounted map would have been nice, but I was looking more for a campaign option that allowed using the He-219 and dealing with the mature German nightfighter system as opposed to the early days covered by the provided campaign. An option allowing for a Wild Boar campaign would have been interesting as well.
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2. on 7/10/2012, said:
If you've admired Lee Brimmicombe-Wood's incredible knowledge of air combat, but found his previous games a bit daunting, this is his most compact, (relatively) simple, and playable release yet. Grand-tactical scale is well-suited to this topic. But what's with putting a game with paper maps in such a big box? GMT's traditional one and a half inch thick bookcase box is the perfect size for war-games with unmounted maps. Nightfighter has no cards and relatively modest components. Putting such a compact game into a two-inch deep box reeks of the worst type of hucksterism: a bigger package to make the ignorant consumer think he's more for his money. Treat us with some respect; we're smart enough to know the bigger box just holds more air (lots of it, in this case, even after adding a counter tray).
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