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WW2: Barbarossa to Berlin, 2006 Edition

PUBLISHED: 2002, 2006
DESIGNER: Ted Raicer
DEVELOPER: William F Ramsay, Jr & Steve Kosakowski
MAP & COUNTER ART: Mark Simonitch
CARD ART: Mark Simonitch & Rodger B. MacGowan
PRODUCERS: Gene Billingsley, Tony Curtis, Andy Lewis, Rodger MacGowan, Mark Simonitch
Price: $55.00




World War 2: Barbarossa to Berlin presents both the Allied and Axis players with a wide range of exciting game choices, while illustrating the key historical factors of the war: from the importance of mechanized forces in combat to the importance of oil to fuel them but without the complexity of other strategic WWII designs. And, unlike many of those games, World War 2: Barbarossa to Berlin lives up to its title: an Axis player who fails to win the war may still win the game. The winner is often decided on the last turn as the Allied player struggles to extinguish the last traces of the Nazi empire. Designed by Ted Raicer as a follow-up to his multi-award-winning World War One strategic game, Paths of Glory, World War 2: Barbarossa to Berlin modifies the Paths of Glory systems to capture the strategic and operational dynamics of WWII in Europe.

As in Paths of Glory, the heart of the game lies in the 110 Action Cards (55 each for the Axis and Allied players). Each card can be used for operational movement and combat, strategic movement, replacements, or for an Event. The movement and combat systems will be familiar to Paths of Glory players, but have been modified to recreate the blitzkrieg campaigns of 1941-45.

World War 2: Barbarossa to Berlin covers four years of epic struggle, from Moscow to Stalingrad, from Tobruk to Tunis, from Sicily to Rome, from D-Day to the Rhine, to the final battles for the Reich. It is June 22, 1941: will World War II end in German triumph in Operation Barbarossa or collapse in Berlin? As the world holds it breath, the decisions are all yours. 

Game Features

TIME SCALE 3 months (seasonal) per turn
MAP SCALE Point-to-point system
UNIT SCALE Fronts, Armies, and Corps

Customer Reviews
# of Ratings: 37
11. on 10/3/2007, said:
The first 5 or 6 turns in Russia are about as tense as it gets for both sides. I find every game is different, so in the end I don't see it as scripted at all - just like any other CDG, play the hand you're dealt!
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12. on 9/25/2007, said:
Another excellent Raicer design. Some people do not like it due to scripting of cards, I do not think that this is a downside. Has a certain learning curve.
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13. on 8/10/2007, said:
This game had a somewhat mixed reception, largely due to some early errata issues. It's built on the Paths of Glory engine, so is an easy transition for those familiar with that earlier game. Peronsally, I have had more fun with this game than with any other wargame. I've had any number of games come down to the last turn, and often the last impulse of the last turn. Nail-biting excitement, both at the end, as the Axis try to stave off collapse, and in the beginning, when then Soviets are attempting to survive the early Axis thrust. I'm happy to play this one any time it is suggested.
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