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The Spanish Civil War

  • One 22x34" full color map
  • 3 full size counter sheets
  • 3 full color Player Aid Cards
  • Rule Booklet
  • Play Booklet
  • 2 six-sided dice
DESIGNER: Javier Romero
DEVELOPER: Andrew Young and Kevin Bernatz
COUNTER & MAP ART: Charles Kibler
PRODUCERS: Tony Curtis, Andy Lewis, Gene Billingsley, Rodger MacGowan, & Mark Simonitch


The Spanish Civil War is one of the more interesting conflicts of the last two centuries, yet one is challenged to find a broad selection of modern game designs covering its range and scope. This overlooked conflict, the prelude to WWII, is now simulated in The Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939 (TSCW).

TSCW is a 2-player, medium complexity game simulating the struggle between Republican and Nationalist forces in Spain. The players take on the role of one of the two combatants in the conflict marshaling their forces towards victory. Initially, the game progresses in monthly turns from July of 1936 and changes to bi-monthly turns in November of 1936 through the end of the war in April of 1939.

TSCW uses an interesting Morale Scale that provides the determination for victory or defeat. The Republicans begin the conflict in control of the government and with a secure Morale Level. The Nationalists can win the Campaign if they can bring this ML to below 30 points by the end of the March-April 1939 turn. It is in the control (or loss of control) of the Spanish countryside (namely the towns and cities of Spain) that increases (or decreases) the Republican Morale Level. In addition, Event Chits describing actual political and military events may also add or decrease the Morale Level. But take heed, Republic Players, should Madrid fall to the Nationalists during the initial turns, victory will be theirs!

Game play is designed to be fast with traditionally understood and accepted concepts. Unit scales evolve during the game (as they did historically) through the Withdrawals and Conversions mechanic. They range from undisciplined Columns (a mix of police, army, paramilitary, volunteers, etc.) to fully outfitted Regular Army Divisions. TSCW offers players a wide range of different scenarios including a WWII What-If? German invasion of Spain.


TIME SCALE 1 or 2 months per turn
45 km (28 miles) per hex
UNIT SCALE Battalions, Brigades, Divisions

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