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DESIGNER Richard Berg
ART DIRECTOR Rodger B. MacGowan
MAP ART Mark Simonitch
COUNTER ART Rodger B. MacGowan and Mark Simonitch
PRODUCERS Gene Billingsley, Tony Curtis, Andy Lewis, Rodger MacGowan, Mark Simonitch
Price: $40.00




Using the very popular Triumph & Glory game system (v2.2), Volume II in the T&G series covers the classic Napoleonic battle, Borodino, Battle of the Moskova, 1812. The battle itself will be familiar to almost every wargamer, with massive French and Russian armies coming together in a frontal, head-to-head assault that used little, or no, subtlety. There are massive batteries of artillery, huge divisions of cavalry, Cossacks all over the place, plust there is political in-fighting within the Russian command hierarchy.

The games brigade-level order of battle includes the latest historical research, and we have even given the French player an opportunity – fraught with danger – to attempt to undertake French Marshal Davout's suggested flanking maneuver. In addition to the full Borodino battle of September 7th, the game also includes a short, Introductory Mini-Battle, the Attack on the Schevardino Redoubt (which took place on September 5th, two days before the actual battle). Historically, the French finally took the position with high losses to both sides but, remarkably, with not one Russian prisoner. A portent of things to come.

Game Features

TIME SCALE 75 minutes per turn
MAP SCALE 325 yards per hex
UNIT SCALE Regimental

Customer Reviews
# of Ratings: 9
1. on 5/7/2008, said:
detail is good as are counters and map. but the map is too small to accomodate any maneuver at all. as a result, it's just straight at for the frogs. kinda boring. if the map had been double the size...a lot more options would open up for offense and defense. as it is, move forward, attack, die..disappointedly. peter, natchez ms
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2. on 10/5/2007, said:
I liked the game. The rules upgrade is an improvement over the original Triumph & Glory system. I have a replay of the campaign game at this link:
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3. on 9/28/2007, said:
Game played very weird in my experience. No room whatsoever for maneuvre. As Napoleon you're more concerned with traffic control than anything else. Inf and cav don't acomplish much, while arty seems to be firing 42cm shells.
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4. on 9/24/2007, said:
Fast and not to complex. The level of detail is appropriate to the scale of the game. If you want to make decisions on battallionformations and go through every step of early 1800s combat Austerlitz or the Bataille series are better. Here you dont run brigades, you fight the battle as an overall commander. The battle itself is a slugfest with relatively little manouevre. Compact and fun.
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