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Games by Historical PeriodWorld War II (1935-1945) → Roads to Leningrad

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Roads to Leningrad

  • 528 5/8" counters
  • One 34x22 full color backprinted mapsheet
  • Rulebook
  • Playbook
  • 5 Player Aid Cards
  • One ten-sided die



  • Battle of Staraya Russa Gamebox for use with Cyberboard, courtesy of Jim Anderson.
  • Battle of Soltsy Gamebox for use with Cyberboard, courtesy of Jim Anderson.

  • Armchair General Review, by Johnny L. Wilson

  • PUBLISHED 2004
    DESIGNERS Vance von Borries
    DEVELOPER Tony Curtis
    MAP & COUNTER ART Mark Simonitch
    PRODUCERS Gene Billingsley, Tony Curtis, Andy Lewis, Rodger MacGowan, Mark Simonitch

    Price: $55.00 

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    1. peter on 5/7/2008, said:

    two games in one. with the map printed on each side for the individual games. germans have great mobility. the chance to attack twice per turn with the russkies so slow on the go. a nice treatment of how the germans got more with less operationally as well as tactically. only down note...their is only one way for the gerries to do it right in the games. fail to move and fight fast and you lose! not a great game...but solid. good map and counter work with the GMT graphics. peter, natchez ms
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    2. Scott on 1/3/2008, said:

    A magnificent game on the Eastern Front. The Germans are like a rapier, able to thrust and kill quickly. The Russians are like a zombie hoard, able to lumber up, pin you, and kill you in a slow and agonizing way. Both sides play very differently, but all in all this is a great game on two obscure battles from the Eastern Front. The game is also very easy to set up for solitaire play!
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    3. Earl on 10/16/2007, said:

    Here is a link to a battle report of the Scenario 3:
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    4. Mitchell on 9/28/2007, said:

    Excellent game which creates winnable situations for each side. Well balanced and easily learned.
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    5. Ola on 9/24/2007, said:

    The chit activasion system simulates the faster OODA-loop of the german mechanised units and show why they, throughout the war, as a rule outfought their opponents on the tactical level. They simply got more action per hour by being faster in the commandcykle. The game is fast and furious. The soviets are strong and can easily win if the German does not use his advantage to the maximum. I like the bigger counters as well. Really great game. More of this system please! why not something on the failed soviet invasion of Rumania in the spring of 1944?
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    Showing comments 1-5 of 5

    During the summer of 1941, the forces of German Army Group North appeared to be advancing irresistibly toward Leningrad, the second largest city in the Soviet Union, and the birthplace of the Communist revolution. But Leningrad was a long way from the German border, and the closer the Germans got to it, the more difficulties they encountered with terrain, their own lengthening supply lines, and stiffening Soviet resistance.

    In mid-July, approximately 100 miles south of Leningrad at Soltsy, a surprisingly strong Soviet force of about six divisions struck the German armored spearhead and pushed it back. The 8th Panzer Division did not suffer the catastrophic losses claimed by the Soviet, but attack did cause the Germans in this sector to halt for three crucial weeks before resuming their drive on Leningrad.

    In August the Soviets launched another counteroffensive, this time with ten divisions, against the German flank south of Staraya Russia. Just as the German offensive against Leningrad renewed, the Germans diverted critical motorized reserves to deal with the threat, winning a strategically barren victory far from their true objective. When the Germans did reach Leningrad, they lacked the strength to break into the city itself.

    The battles of Soltsy and Staraya Russia may well have saved Leningrad.

    Game Features

    TIME SCALE 12 hours per turn
    MAP SCALE 1.2 miles per hex 

    Battalions and Companies