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Three Days of Gettysburg

DESIGNER Richard H. Berg
ART DIRECTOR Rodger B. MacGowan
MAP ART Mark Simonitch and Joe Youst
COUNTERS Rodger B. MacGowan and Mark Simonitch
PRODUCER: Gene Billingsley
Price: $89.00



This third printing of the award-winning initial game in GMT's GBACW series offers upgraded components and information throughout. If you own the original 1995 edition of Three Days of Gettysburg, or if you have the upgrade kit, you can continue playing those versions with no problems; those versions still stand the test of time quite well. In this Special 2004 Edition of Three Days of Gettysburg, we've done our best to improve and enhance the components and rules to this already classic game. Specifically:

  • The six countersheets contain all of the original and replacement counters from the first two versions of the game, as well as some new counters and units with modified unit strengths and morale levels based on recent research. Rodger MacGowan and Mark Simonitch have revised and upgraded the original counter graphics, and these counters are printed on the higher-quality stock you've come to expect from us in recent years.
  • Mark Simonitch has completely reworked the three game maps. He's used the original work and maps from Rick Barber and Joe Youst's first two versions as a base, and come up with another of his clean and elegant looks that makes these maps both nice to look at and easy to play on.
  • The GBACW 4.4 rules that appeared in Gringo! were a major step up for the series in terms of both rules streamlining and presentation. We have further edited those rules and released version 4.5 for this new edition of Three Days of Gettysburg.
  • Mark has streamlined and done new layouts on the game charts to give players the best mix yet of readability and utility in the least possible table space. We've also included some neat charts created by Mike Lemick that allow you to easily keep track of the status of each side's command and routed unit status..
  • As you'll note from the graphic above, Rodger has created a whole new game box for this new edition of the game. We think it's some of his best work ever, and hope you agree. The game box is the crowning piece of what is, for a Reprint Edition, about as close to a brand new game, component-wise, as we could get (which is why there is no Update Kit for this version - it would essentially be a whole new game).

So, if your original copy is showing some wear and tear, or if you want an edition of this classic game in which the updated graphics and systems outshine the original (and that is saying a lot), or you simply missed purchasing the first edition of this best-selling game, then this Special 2004 Edition is for you! Enjoy!

Designer: Richard H. Berg

Developer: John Alsen


Game Features

  • A revised Command System, using Maximum Effectiveness to portray the strengths and vicissitudes of battlefield command.
  • Seven scenarios, from microcosm 1-mappers to the full 3-day battle.
  • Brigadiers rated with Action Profiles so that, when on their own, you may never know exactly what they'll do! Will an aggressive Dick Garnett recklessly charge everyone in sight, seeking to regain lost honor? Will a cautious Stannard sit and watch? Or will an unreliable Iverson hit the bottle instead of the front line?
  • Artillery Barrage, simplified Ammo rules, special rules for green units, and an optional Fatigue Rule that really places an emphasis on careful unit usage.
  • A remarkably simple Shock Table that features Continuous Attack: you can roll up the enemy's flank in one massive charge.
TIME SCALE 20 minutes per turn
MAP SCALE 125 yards per hex
UNIT SCALE 50 man per strength

Customer Reviews
# of Ratings: 12
1. on 11/29/2007, said:
Berg's fourth try at Gettysburg is a great improvement; the variable initiative chits really add drama. The lack of a map extension to cover the cavalry battlefield and counter density on Cemetery Hill are the biggest issues.
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2. on 10/26/2007, said:
Wow. I played a lot of Gettysburg/CW games, and this is by far the most detailed, and playable.
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3. on 9/29/2007, said:
Huge improvement on TSS. Superb graphics and an intelligent gameplay system. My only problem is my lack of available space to play out the entire game.
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