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Glory III

DESIGNER Richard H. Berg
DEVELOPER Jim Dauphinais
MAP ART Leland Myrick
COUNTER ART Rodger B. MacGowan
PRODUCERS Gene Billingsley, Tony Curtis, Andy Lewis, Rodger MacGowan, Mark Simonitch
Regular Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $25.00


  • 2 Full-color countersheets
  • Antietam Map [987 Kb]
  • Cedar Creek Map [1.08 Mb]
  • Series Rulebook
  • Battle Book
  • 2 x Player Aid Cards
  • 2 x ten-sided dice


  • Living Rules [Published Series Rules, as of 7/20/07 -595 Kb pdf]
  • Antietam Cyberboard Gamebox, by Jim Anderson
  • Cedar Creek Cyberboard Gamebox, by Jim Anderson
  • VASSAL module (1.1), by Kevin Coombs
  • Errata & Clarifications (5-27-09)
  • Description

    Glory III: The Battles of Antietam and Cedar Creek is the third game in GMT's acclaimed American Civil War Glory series, a brigade-level system that highlights ease and speed of play with solid historical insight. Glory III visits two battles where the defending generals were literally and figuratively "up the creek" – Antietam and Cedar Creek. 


    In September of 1862 the Union Army of the Potomac has concentrated against the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia behind Antietam Creek in Maryland. Heavily outnumbered, Robert E Lee chooses to stand and fight, confident that his opponent George McClellan’s caution will negate the Union advantage in numbers. McClellan does not disappoint, but many of his Corps Commanders launch ferocious attacks, the likes of which the Confederates had never seen from Union troops.


    It is Autumn 1864, and the recently victorious Union Army of the Shenandoah, with its commander Major General Philip Sheridan away, is fast asleep near the banks of Cedar Creek believing the Confederate Army of the Valley has long since melted away.   However, Confederate Lieutenant General Jubal Early has massed the remnants of his army for a bold surprise dawn attack, masterminded by Major General John B. Gordon. Much of the Union army is put to flight, but fatigue and looting have left the Confederate vulnerable to a counterattack. Still, it appears that the Union army is beaten. Unfortunately for the Confederates, they realize too late just how well Sheridan can use his charisma to rally his army back from near disaster when he arrives.


    Glory III clarifies the revised version of the Glory system first introduced with Glory II: Across the Rappahannock.  The chit activation mechanic, which provides a great deal of play tension, as the commanders never quite know what is going to happen next, is maintained along with the revised command and combat mechanics introduced in Glory II Glory III is a game that can be played, and played well, by solitaire gamers.


    Glory III improves on playability further by moving from 5/8" to 9/16" infantry counters for a more confortable fit in hexes.  This innovation also frees up countersheet space allowing the luxury of including updated artillery counters for the original Glory that could not be included in Glory II.  Finally, all of the scenarios in Glory III are playable on a single map -- a boon for gamers with limited table space.

    Customer Reviews
    # of Ratings: 11
    1. on 7/18/2013, said:
    I am playing with Vassal. It does a great job of showing Union command confusion. I appreciated the learning scenario to get started. I talked (email) to the developer and he said a Gettysburg is coming out. It is time for Glory and Glory II to be combined into a special prices P500 package
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    2. on 12/5/2008, said:
    Simple and nice system. I have only played once, but I want to play again.
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    3. on 1/3/2008, said:
    The counters are slightly smaller than other games in the series, which is a slight hurdle to someone with fading vision, but overall this is a nice package. The two battles are different, with some nice variations out for Grant at Antietam!
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    4. on 12/20/2007, said:
    Best game in the series to date. For novices and grognards alike a wonderful introduction to Civil War tactics, not to mention those aggravating command and control problems suffered during this period. The activation chit system brings fog of war into every decision, rewarding or penalizing subsequent generalship on the part of the player. And you have to love that touch of gallows humor in Cedar Creek; ZZZ counters to mark Union units unaware of the predicament they are about to face.
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