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Silver Bayonet
1st Team in Vietnam
Box Cover Thumbnail
Box Cover 67K
  • SERIES Operational Series
  • PUBLISHED 1990
  • DESIGNER Gene Billingsley
  • ART DIRECTOR Rodger B. MacGowan
  • MAP & COUNTER ART Brent Mercer
  • RESEARCH & RULES Gene Billingsley
  • SCENARIOS Advanced Rules and Scenarios
  • COVER ART Rodger B. MacGowan
  • AWARDS CSR: Best Post-WWII Game 1990
  • ERRATA w/Q&A
    by JD Coleman
    We Were Soldiers Once and Young by Joseph Galloway (Also on: Amazon.com Pick)
    • ACW Union ADC cuff patch
    • Cyberboard Gamebox [Courtesy of Randy Stone]
  • On We Were Soldiers Once and Young, Gene says: "If you want to know what really happened at LZs X-Ray and Albany, GET THIS BOOK. The research and the storytelling are first-rate, by folks who were there. The meticulous exposition of the details of these two desperate battles is riveting for historian and casual reader alike. The author's attention to the personalities of the individual soldiers involved adds a humanness to the telling that brings these stories home at gut level. You won't soon forget this book. I give it five stars!"

In October of 1965, General Vo Nguyen Giap launched a full North Vietnamese Army division in a sweeping offensive against the thinly-guarded II Corp area west of Pleiku in South Vietnam's Central Highlands. Two special forces camps, a handful of elite soldiers, and thirty miles of rugged, jungle terrain were all that stood between the onrushing NVA and their objective, the strategic town of Pleiku. The NVA quickly surrounded and besieged the camps, threatening a quick and easy victory over the outnumbered II Corps defenders. Desperate to hold back the tide of Communist soldiers, the South Vietnamese commander asked the U.S. for help.

The newly-formed 1st Cavalry Division, fresh in country and bivouacked at nearby An Khe, rushed to the aid of the beleaguered garrisons. With its complement of over 400 combat helicopters, the 1st Cavalry was completely air-mobile. While the helicopter's mobility guaranteed quick movement and ready supply, it did not guarantee victory. The soldiers that the unblooded Americans faced were tough, well-trained veterans. Victory would not come easily for the Americans.

Between October 23 and November 25, 1965, a desperate struggle between a full North Vietnamese Army Division and the U.S. 1st Cavalry Division took place west of Pleiku in Vietnam's Central Highlands. Silver Bayonet is a company-level game focusing on this pivotal conflict.

Game Components

200 full-color two-sided counters.
One 22x34" full-color mapsheet
  • One 10-sided die
  • 20-page Rule & Scenario Book
  • Player Aid Cards: Advanced Sequence of Play, NVA Hidden Units Card, Game Tables Card

Game Features

  • Innovative combat resolution, integrating maneuver combat, close assault, artillery bombardment, gunship, rocket and air support into one easy-to-use system
  • Air-to-Ground and surface-to-air combat
  • Transport helicopters, aerial rockets, observation helicopters, and gunships
  • North Vietnamese Army hidden units and limited U.S. intelligence
  • 12 Scenarios
  • Additional "What If?" variants
  • Automatic Victory conditions that make each game different from the last
TIME SCALE One day per game turn
MAP SCALE One mile per hex
PLAYING TIME 5-30 minutes for introductory scenario; 1-2 hours for advanced scenario; 2-20 hours for campaign game

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