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14 August 1995



Page 4 Sub-paragraph (4.18) CORRECTION: Movement allowance is one (1) HEX for undispersed units in the turn they enter the map by paradrop or amphibious landing.

Page 4 Sub-paragraph (4.19) NEW: Allied units cannot use their full movement allowances during daylight turns in zones where the Interdiction Value is greater than zero (0). See 12.42 for effects of interdiction.

Page 4 Sub-paragraph (4.21) ADDED: If a hex contains two or more Terrain Defense Values (TDV's), the defender benefits from the highest TDV in the hex.

Page 6 Sub-paragraph (4.64) ADDED: Prior to game-turn 13, if any German unit ends its movement phase on or adjacent to any Suda Command Area hex, all restrictions are permanently lifted. This does not apply to German units paradropped on or adjacent to any Suda Command Area hex.

Page 6 Sub-paragraph (5.14) DELETE: Delete the words "Armor/Lt. Armor from line one. (Per 5.12, armor and lt. armor have no ZOC's.

Page 7 Sub-paragraph (6.32)e NEW: Dispersed artillery units cannot use their bombardment strengths. Dispersed mortar units may attack and defend at half strength per 6.32a above.

Page 7 Sub-paragraph (6.41)c NEW: There are no coordination die rolls.

Page 7 Sub-paragraph (6.41)d NEW: Artillery units (not mortars) -- which drift into hexes containing Allied units are automatically destroyed prior to special assault combat.

Page 14 Example of Assault Combat, top right column, 2d paragraph, last line: change B/22NZ to B/23NZ.

Artillery units can move and fire once per game turn, or fire twice per game turn (Exception: Mortars -- 13. 4 1 ). First fire and final fire markers are used to mark completion of fire or movement actions.
MOVEMENT: Non-mortar artillery units NOT possessing final fire markers may move during their respective movement phases. Upon completion of movement, non-mortar artillery units are marked with first fire markers, or have their first fire markers flipped to final fire. For purposes of this rule, paradrops and amphibious landings count as movement (Exception: Mortars -- 13.41).
FIRE: ANY artillery unit NOT possessing a final fire may:

  1. Fire one bombardment mission per turn;
  2. Fire one maneuver combat support mission during the friendly combat phase of a turn;
  3. Fire one maneuver combat support mission during the enemy combat phase of a turn;
  4. Fire one defensive bombardment mission per turn.

Upon completion of any fire mission, the firing artillery unit is marked with a first fire marker, or has its first fire marker flipped to final fire. Whenever any artillery unit possesses a final fire marker, it may not utilize its bombardment strength for the remainder of the turn.

Page 15 Sub-paragraph (11.16) DELETE LAST SENTENCE. REPLACE WITH:
If one or more friendly non-artillery units are present in the artillery unit's hex, that artillery unit may perform combat support (11.4) and/or defensive bombardment (11.3) missions during that turn, though ONLY in support of its own hex or against units that are attacking its own hex.

Page 15 Sub-paragraph (11.22) ADDED: This spotting DRM takes effect on turn 2 and all subsequent turns.

Page 17 Sub-paragraph (12.42)a ADDED: Allied movement allowances can never be reduced below one (1), and Allied units can always be moved at least one hex during a friendly Movement Phase (4.15). ZOC to ZOC Movement (5.23) and reaction Movement (7.4) are not affected by interdiction.

Page 17 Sub-paragraph (12.53) CLARIFICATION: Until the optional Increased Allied Air Effort module is published, units can only be bombarded twice per turn.

Page 19 Paragraph 13.7 NEW: Wehrmacht Mountain Units
(13.71) Crete was an "ideal" battleground for German mountain troops who routinely trained for attack and defense in mountain terrain very much like that encountered on Crete. The German player receives a -- 1 DRM whenever:

  1. All attacking German units possess the mountain unit symbol (applies to maneuver and assault combats).
  2. All defending German units possess the mountain unit symbol (assault combat only).

(13.72) Greek militia units were equally suited to mountain combat, therefore they qualify for the benefits of 13.71 above if alone in a hex or stacked only with other Greek militia units

Page 20 Paragraph 14.1 Scenario 1, Victory Conditions, second line: Change "six adjacent hexes" to read "adjacent land hexes."

Page 32 Sub-paragraph (21.33)e ADDED: The Allied player chooses every third step to be lost or returned to Athens.



Paragraph A.4. Line one: delete the word "mortar".
Paragraph E.1. Line three: change " movement allowance" to read "efficiency rating".
Paragraph F.1. Line three: change "efficiency rating" to read "movement allowance".



HQ, 5th NZ Bde is missing the white No-ZOC band on the front side of the counter.



1) Paradrop/Amphibious Landing Table: Under DRM's for paradrops, the +1 DRM per Allied AA unit within range of (but not in) Target Hex should read "per non-fatigued Allied AA unit within range of (but not in) Target Hex."

2) East Map Sheet:
a) Maneuver Combat Charts, DRM section, Multi-hex attacks category: the -- 2 DRM condition should read 4 or 5 hexes, not 4 or 4.
b) Terrain Effects Chart: Terrain type "Cliff Hexside" should read "Cliff/Ravine Hexside." Treat all Ravine Hexsides identically to Cliff Hexsides. (An example of Ravine Hexsides can be found on the East Map on hexsides of hexes 1902, 2002 and 2003).
c) Naval Operations Map: Allied Surface Detection DRM's of -- 1 per zone for each Allied TF over one or each German Convoy over one (up to a maximum of DRM -- 3) set forth in Paragraph 18.2 omitted.
d) Bombardment DRMs: Naval bombardment DRM is +2 per 19.82b.

3) Allied Naval Set-Up Card (Chart) Scenario #4: DD Napier in Alexandria Box should be DD Juno.

4) German Set-Up Card: All printed efficiency ratings for German parachute HQ's should be 7 instead of 8. The counters are correct.