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Air Bridge To Victory Errata

Map B: Where maps A and B join, partial hexes are missing on Map B.

Airpoints: The Breakout of Guards Armor Scenario: The Allied Player receives 25 Airpoints. Tournament Scenario: No points for either side. Campaign Scenario: The Allied Player receives 25 Airpoints per day during Clear Weather and the German Player receives 5 Airpoints per day during Clear Weather.

Breakout of Guards Armor and Campaign Scenario: Guards Armor, 19 Hussars, and 30 Corps should set-up in A/0405, A/0406, A/0407 and south of the Meuse L'escanut Canal. B/0405 etc is incorrect.

Tournament and Campaign Scenarios: Add 1/22 (9SS Pz) Sept 17 PM B/4125.

Breakout and Campaign Scenario: Germans set-up, 2 Art should be at full strength (4-1-4) not (2-1-4).

Campaign Scenario: German Reinforcements. Sept 18 AM, Turn 3; BEHLT (8-8-4) reads SHLT on the counter and the Reinforcement Chart reads BEHLT, BEHLT is correct. Sept 20 AM, Turn 7; 7 Para Reg (5-6-4) reads 6 on the counter. Sept 21 AM, Turn 9; STM unit called for should be the FSTM (5-5-4) infantry battalion.

Player Aid Card: Allied Reinforcement Schedule; 8 Arm X should arrive as the 50 Inf Div (same conditions). There should be only 1 player aid card with the game.

Overruns: Allowed only in clear and mixed terrain.

Movement: No matter what the circumstances, any unit with a movement allowance other than zero may always move at least one hex in a turn UNLESS TERRAIN IS PROHIBITIVE.

Overrun: All C/M units, other than self propelled artillery, may conduct overruns.

German Supply: No German unit can trace a supply line west of the Meuse L' Escant canal.

Airborne Unit Supply: Airborne units can at any time trace a supply line by using the Highway when it is available instead of their designated drop zone. Their range is 10 hexes to the highway hex when their drop zone is in play. Their range is 5 hexes to the highway hex when their drop zone has been overrun or is currently on the map on its ALT side.

Assault Combat: In defensive bombardment, the assaulting unit or stack is assumed to be in terrain with a defensive value of two UNLESS it is assaulting both from and into a clear terrain hex.

If only the defending unit or stack passes the efficiency check for a second round of assault combat, the defending unit(s) continue to use their defensive strength only to resolve the second round of assault combat.

Drop Zone: Maneuver attacks are not allowed on Drop Zone markers. Maneuver attacks are allowed against units occupying a hex with a drop zone marker. Should maneuver combat cause all allied combat units to vacate a hex containing a drop zone marker, German units are not allowed to advance after combat and overrun the drop zone marker. Drop Zones may only be eliminated by overrun (movement phase) or by Assault combat.

Drop Zone Placement: Drop Zones, once overrun, may be placed in any clear or mixed terrain hex on the map.

Blocked Reinforcement Entry hex: A reinforcement that has its entry hex blocked by enemy units must delay its arrival by one turn and may then arrive in the first free adjacent hex (in the enemy unit's zone of control, at which time it must cease its movement).

House Rule Option: Air Power Allotment must be assigned at the time combat is declared. Need to incorporate numbered aircraft markers with matching numbered counter on the air point track which notes how many Airpoints have been committed.

Rules Question: May the entry hex for a reinforcement be altered by voluntarily delaying the unit's arrival one or more turns? YES. DELAY 1 TURN FOR EVERY 5 HEXES YOU WISH TO ALTER THE ENTRY.