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Caribbean piracy, presented anachronistically, from an account of buccaneering on the Winds of Plunder...
(For game rules, see the Quick Start Rules sheet.)

Aboard the Concorde, Hornigold seethed. Bartholomew ("Black Bart") Roberts' intrigue at Turk & Caicos had cost him a golden opportunity for weapons and plunder, forcing him to pursue a lesser prize in San Salvadore. "Black Bart's" move had thus cost Hornigold standing amongst the brethren of the coast.

(Red is currently holding a Treasure Map card for Jamaica. He spends his first Action Point and draws an Action card: Heave Ye Scurvy Dogs. He spends his second Action Point and draws another Action card: Buy Weapons [free Weapons in Trinidad or Jamaica; 2 VP elsewhere].)

But now, the fates had turned in Hornigold's favor. San Salvadore had yielded rumors of a lightly guarded store of weapons in Jamaica, as well as a map to booty. It had also instilled a desire amongst the Concorde's crew to prove their mettle.

(The wind compass points South. Under the movement rules, Red may sail freely to any port in the same shaded area or an adjacent area that is South of his current position. Red sails to Jamaica, and takes the items indicated by the Victory Point tile there: 1 Provision, 1 Crew, and 2 Victory Points (VP). He rotates the VP tile, scores his Treasure Map for Jamaica, and puts a Reputation Marker on the port. He then spends the last regular Action Point of his turn to play the Buy Weapons card that he drew earlier.)

With a favorable wind, Hornigold set sail south for Jamaica. The merchantmen in the port yielded a scant prize, but the tales regarding the weapons and booty on the isle had proven true. Better still, there was further rumor that "Black Bart" had recently landed in Santo Domingo. It was but a short run, and the winds remained favorable. Hornigold quickly readied the Concorde to sail again. If he was quick, he could catch Roberts in Santo Domingo and repay the insult.

(Red is currently holding the Most Crew Advantage Marker, which entitles him to a bonus Action Point after he completes the regular activities for his turn. He uses this bonus Action Point to play the Heave Ye Scurvy Dogs card. This card allows a player who is behind all other players on the VP track to sail a second time in their turn. The card also costs 1 Crew to play. This knocks Red below both Blue and Yellow on the Crew tally area, so he gives up the Most Crew marker. No other player may claim it at the moment, since a player must hold sole possession of the lead in a shipboard item to take its marker - and Blue and Yellow are now tied for the lead.)

The race to Santo Domingo was not without price. Not everyone aboard the Concorde was ready to leave the spoils of Jamaica. Hornigold gathered those he could and drove the crew mercilessly, striving for every bit of speed.

(Despite losing the Most Crew marker, Red is still entitled to the benefits of the card he played with his bonus Action Point. Red now sails to Santo Domingo, takes the items indicated by the VP tile, and rotates the tile.)

Meanwhile, in Santo Domingo, "Black Bart" and his crew were still celebrating the spoils of their own prizes taken. They were stunned when the Concorde sailed into port and made straight for the Fortune. Hornigold's cries of "Heave, ye scurvy dogs!" were quickly followed by the thunder of a warning shot. Within minutes, it became apparent to all that Hornigold's acquisitions in Jamaica  rendered the Concorde the stronger of the two ships.

(Green's ship is also in San Salvadore. Red has more Weapons than Green, so he boards Green. As spoils, he elects to take 1 Provision from Green - giving him the lead in Provisions and entitling him to the Most Provisions bonus marker. Finally, Red marks the port with his Reputation Marker.)

Had he so wished, Hornigold could have sent the Fortune to the bottom of the sea. But though Hornigold wished revenge, "Black Bart" remained one of the brethren of the coast - and thus, by custom, deserving of a less extreme gesture. Hornigold therefore selected a prize befitting the honor of a pirate and his crew from the Fortune.

That evening, Hornigold and crew broached a cask of "Black Bart's" finest rum to celebrate their triumph. And the deeds of the voyages were soon recounted, firmly establishing Hornigold's reputation in both Jamaica and Santo Domingo.