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Victory in the West Rules Clarifications
April, 1995


1. Correction: The minor city in Map A hex 1813 is Cambrai.
2. Correction: The minor city in Map A hex 3919 is Bar-le-Duc.
3. Correction: There is no city in Map A hex 4029.
4. Correction: The minor city in Map A hex 5722 is Belfort.

Playing Pieces

Correction: The British 2/1a and 3/1a armored units should have their setup colors printed on the backs of their pieces to show that they arrive at reduced strength per the Britain Box.


[2.48] Correction: The bulleted item listing German cadre types should read: German. All infantry xx's = 2-3-7 cadre; 1 Mountain xx = 2-3-8 cadre.

[4.1] Correction: The first sentence of Step C3 should read: All units that aren't fatigued and that did not paradrop during the current turn recover from disruption per 11.0 (Disruption).

[11.33] Clarification: A disrupted unit that loses a step as a result of being disrupted again doesn't stop being disrupted.

Pages 15-16. Correction: The section numbered 12.4 (Fatigue) should be numbered 11.4. The individual cases under this heading, which for some reason known only to God and David Ritchie, are numbered 23.41 through 23.45 should be numbered 11.41 through 11.45.

[12.0] Reaction. Clarification: Units never react as a result of an overrun; skip step 9 of the combat procedure when resolving overruns.

[12.36] Addition. Units that participated in the combat that triggered a reaction cannot react themselves.

[13.2] Correction: The reference to rule 13.44 in the second bulleted item is incorrect; the reference should be to 13.5.

[13.43] Addition: Refugee markers inhibit retreats per 9.93 by causing the disruption of units with an ER less than 6 that enter a hex containing refugees. They also force Panic Checks per 10.11.

[16.23] Correction: The reference to rule 9.83 is incorrect; the reference should be to rule 2.48.

Summary Card

[2.7] Die Roll Summary (Reaction Check). Correction: The reference to moving a number of units equal to the HQ's ER is incorrect; rule 12.31 is correct. When a reaction occurs, you can move either one unit of any size or all of the units in a division.

Historical Setups

1. Belgian Units. Correction: The Belgian 4cy/1DC (not the 3cy/1DC) Cycle Regiment sets up in hex A3005.

2. French 2nd Army. Addition: The French 3 Col Inf Division sets up in hex A3513. Special Notice

Honest guys! The dog ate our homework and the die cutter trashed our game. Seriously, due to production errors in the first print run of Victory in the West, some copies of the game have a Map B doesn't match up properly with Map A and Countersheet Nr. 3 is diecut so that the back of the sheet appears to be the front. If your copy of the game has these imperfections contact GMT Games, and we will send you a free replacement Map A and Countersheet Nr. 3.