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Triumph & Glory
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The popular GMT Gameplayer's Series has covered a wide variety of subjects, from the American Civil War (Glory) to World War II (June 6). The series now focuses on the Napoleonic Era with Triumph & Glory, providing players with a wide variety of battles: big, medium, and small; famous as well as those off the beaten path.

GMT's Gameplayers' Series uses an Activation Marker mechanic to create the unsurety of who will do what next, combined with a low complexity move/fight set of mechanics designed to emphasize fun, but still allowing for more than just a little insight into both the battles as well as the armies which fought.

Game Components

COUNTERS 1,120 full-color die-cut counters.
MAP Two 22x34" full-color mapsheets, backprinted
  • One 10-sided die
  • 15-page Rule Book
  • 20-page Play Book
  • 5 Player Aid Cards

Game Features

Triumph & Glory contains the following five battles:
  • Castiglione (1796), fought over exactly the same field as would see the massive destruction at Solferino 63 years later, this is considered the first great, truly Napoleonic-style battle. Here the unfortunate opponents are the Austrians.
  • Austerlitz (1805), perhaps the greatest Napoleonic victory of all time, presented here in a most playable version.
  • Raab (1809), while Napoleon was to the west, capturing Vienna, his son, Prince Eugene led a sizable army into Hungary, chasing Archduke John's Austrians and attacking them across a river, with the Austrian position anchored by a farmhouse.
  • Aspern-Essling (1809), Napoleon, rather rashly, tries to cross the Danube to attack the Archduke Charles, just as the latter's full army is marching out to meet him. The crossing is most difficult, and Napoleon, with only half the troops he thought he'd have, is lucky to escape with his army.
  • Wagram (1809), the massive, rolling battle on the plains NE of Vienna, and one of the most famous battles of the era.
The rules are similar to those in Glory, adjusted for the era. Best of all, the system has been tested to a fare-thee-well, as it is the basis for the French magazine, Vae Victis', 200th Anniversary Series on Napoleon.
TIME SCALE 75 minutes per turn
MAP SCALE 325 yards per hex
UNIT SCALE Regimental

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