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Triumph and Glory, Clarifications and Errata – March 17, 2000

Charts and Tables

Odds Ratio should say 4-1 or better (not worse)


Flood Walls have no effect on artillery fire at greater range than one hex.

The Ford in Raab subtracts one from the movement cost of crossing the stream. Artillery may move across the ford by paying +2 Movement Points.

Artillery Fire Chart – Change "If the adjusted Dieroll is 15, each target unit Routs" to "If the adjusted Dieroll is 15 or greater, each unit suffers Automatic Disorder and must Retreat."


4.34 The decision to use either the Artillery Barrage or Combined Group Activation Markers (if available) is made after Initiative is determined, but before the Initiative Player chooses his initial AM. Either of them may be chosen, if desired, by the Initiative Player as his first AM.

4.5 All references in this section to Activation Groups should be to Orders Commands instead.

4.51 If there is no Initiative Player, each player rolls a die to see who goes first during Reserve Activation, with the high roll going first. Re-roll any ties.

4.53 Units which do not move during a Reserve Activation do not roll for Disorder. Artillery does not roll for Disorder when Reserve activated. Disordered units which roll for Disorder following movement in a Reserve activation and fail Rout.

6.14 Artillery stacked with cavalry is not required to face the same direction as the cavalry.

6.21 Note that Jaegers are considered infantry for all stacking purposes. Artillery may only stack with two infantry units if the infantry units are both from the same brigade.

6.22 Units which are using Extended Movement may not move through other friendly units.

6.33 Yes, it is perfectly alright to move from one Zone of Control to another, as long as you do not enter a Frontal ZOC in that activation.

7.35 Artillery may not Fire when using Extended Movement.

8.25 Artillery Reaction Fire takes place after Commitment die rolls have been made.

8.32 Third Bullet – add "of the top unit (if infantry) in each target hex" after "Defensive Fire Shock DRM".

8.44 Replace everything following "See the Terrain Chart." With "If the attacker is attacking the same unit or stack from different hexes, and the defender occupies any terrain or is behind any hexside feature that gives a beneficial modifier (at least a -1), the Defender chooses which terrain modifier to use. Otherwise, the attacker may choose."

8.46 Cavalry that is not Pursuing may not use Secondary Shock.

8.47 Horse Artillery may retreat before Shock in the same manner as Light Cavalry. Light Cavalry (and Horse Artillery) may retreat before Shocking or Charging Heavy Cavalry.

8.49 Add to the first bullet "Otherwise, it takes the same result as the unit or units it is stacked with."

8.51 The one or two hexes being Charged through/into must be designated when the charge is declared. Charging Cavalry may change facing up to one vertex per hex entered.

8.54 Cavalry that does not actually perform Shock combat is not Disordered following Shock resolution.

8.72 Fourth bullet should read "May not Shock (infantry) or Charge (cavalry). Cavalry may Shock."

8.82 Remove the word "adjusted" before "die-roll". There are no adjustments to the Rally die roll.



The French always set-up second in all battles/scenarios.


The only Victory Points that are cumulative are those received for withholding reinforcements. All others are recalculated every turn.


The Austrian reinforcements enter on "Turn 2", in the same manner as the French.


Counter Errata

The French Light Cavalry unit "Mrlz b" should have the same background color as the "Mrlz a" marker, and belongs to IV Corps, not III Corps.

There are two '2 Strthm/FR" counters, one W, one EW. Both should be EW.

The French may use the Artillery Barrage AMs twice per day, the Austrians once per day (this applies to Aspern-Essling as well)

Austrian Set-up (1st Scenario): It says Schwarzenberg's division has 6 units, not 14.

Hessen-Homburg's Division. Use the "E" Kroyher units. (They should have been EW).

Austrian Reinforcements: note [a] should be in the Turn Column, on the second row (3 Korps row).

French Deployment – Marulez’s Cavalry brigade has four units, not three.

Special 1st Scenario Rules, Austrian Reaction. Last bullet should say 1745, not 0730.

Page 19, remove the Entrenchments rule in its entirety.


Counter Errata:

"Kilworth" cavalry unit should be "Kllworth"

Murat’s Light Cavalry unit "Bssard" has the wrong background color on its Cohesion. It should be the same as the Murat’s other cavalry units.