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Prussia's Glory Extended Example of Play

Torgau Main Scenario


The Austrian player sets up the majority of his forces within the set up box in the right-center of the map, here and also has the choice to deploy up to 3 Detachments (Dets) anywhere north of the Det deployment line. These are meant to detect and/or channel the Prussians in their approach march. The Austrian can't deploy his Dets to guarantee 100% LOS (5.1) across the map, thus guaranteeing a Coup D'Oeil Activation attempt (6.1.3) during the Prussian Approach marches, so he has to choose what avenues to guard, and what to leave open. Here, the Austrian has chosen a typical 3 Det deployment that gives the Prussian a safe "long way around." Det 1 is set up south of Torgau to cover the Prussian "back door" southern approach per the first illustration. Det 2 and 3 cover the north-central woods, keeping LOS over the open space between the two large wooded areas. In conjunction with O'Donnel's cav screens deployed south and west of the main body, the Austrian thus denies the Prussians an undetected tight, quick passage through the woods to the Austrian north flank. Because Det 3 does not have a unit on the edge of the northern woods, the Prussians, by using a long west/northwest/northeast circle, could make it around to the Austrian north flank without getting spotted. This would involve a lot of IC marching, eating up the game clock, which is the Austrian's intent. The Austrian could have used Det 1 unit Drg 31 to gain this northern LOS, but would then have to leave his "back door" south of Torgau open (choices, choices…) Note that all of Ried's Dets 2 and 3 units are In Command, and thus could go IC if they both roll in Command on a given turn and meet all other IC requirements (7.3 and errata). Det 1 Drg 31, since it cannot trace command to a Leader, is currently Out of Command, and thus could not go IC.

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