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Prussia's Glory Extended Example of Play

Torgau Main Scenario

NOTE: This Example of Play is also available as a PDF [12Mb].

Here's a Prussia's Glory Torgau game to illustrate game concepts, systems, and some uncommon situations. I played this solo on Thierry Aradan's wonderful Cyberboard Gamebox so I could capture nice visuals. Note -- this game box was modified to change the Engaged markers to "Locked" markers, to make that mechanic crystal clear, and is now available for download here also. Note too that the CB map does not show town/stream names (Thierry had to stop somewhere!). All bombardment and combat die rolls are straight from the CB die roller, but a few rally rolls have been tweaked so they cause some varied ZOC implications. Rules references are in parentheses; any errata cited are now incorporated into the Prussia's Glory Living Rules. In combat instances involving only one unit on each/both sides, I usually do not cite who is Lead unit, as there is no choice to make.

The entire game is available for download as a Cyberboard .gam file, for those who'd like to step through an exhaustive, move-by-move, combat by combat game (but to view it, you also need to download the updated Torgau Gamebox file). The .gam file has a lot more combat run-throughs, and depicts almost the full array of bombardment/combat variations. But it is less polished, as you can't (I don't know how, at least) go back and fix CB errors in moves. So it has numerous minor sequence errors, and subsequent comments and corrections on these (in the heat of battle, I sometimes forgot to remove a Locked marker here, add an MA drm there, mark an OOC unit, and overstacked when IC at least once…)

The setups and play have been orchestrated to generate examples of interest, which means they are sometimes less than optimal, with numerous minor errors in strategy and tactics. The game doesn't cover every conceivable rules illustration, but it comes close.