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Paths of Glory Provisional Rule Changes

Rule Changes

The following are Provisional Changes-that is GMT is going to wait 30 days for comments from you and generally thinking things over from us before making them official. At that point I do expect they will be made full-fledged errata, rather than merely optional.

And with that introduction, the two changes are:

Card Errata Allied Card # 13 The Rape of Belgium

Add: May not be played as Event after Turn 3. (New Rule) If the CP player is currently at Total War (has previously added his TW cards to his deck) and the Allied player is not yet at Total War (has not yet added his TW cards to his deck) the Allied player may NOT play either the Italian or Romanian Entry Cards (Cards number 16, 17) as OPS, SR, or RP. Under those conditions he may only play them as Events (entering Italy or Romania on the Allied side). He may also treat them as unused Combat Cards and discard them under the provisions of rule These effects are removed at the start of any turn that the Allied player TW cards are in play.


The change to the Rape of Belgium card is simply to avoid the cheap shot of the Allies getting to use the card the entire game AND getting the VP. It is supposed to be a choice. Limiting it to 1914 is fair-you will get the card in 3 turns, and then will have to decide if you want the War Status and VP or the 4/4 more. Always assuming a GoA opening of course.

The second change neatly solves a number of issues. First it manages to remove a major element of the Allied LW/attrition strategy (the ability to recycle those 5's) without absolutely forbidding it. Instead it reduces such a strategy, in Tom's words, to a short-term high-risk enterprise.

At the same time it doesn't directly punish the Allied player simply for falling behind a couple of turns as the VP penalty idea would. It allows the Allied player to recycle or hold Italy until he judges the proper turn to use it-often going to TW in the process. At the same time, as historically, Romania can be held back and freely used as a normal 5 once the Allies are at Total War. This alows for the historic Romanian entry which did indeed take place during Allied "Total War."

Finally this eliminates the need for a change to the Fall of the Tsar. If the Allies stay at Limited War (endlessly recycling two now useless 5s) the CP advantages once they are at TW should in the long run prove quite sufficient. If otoh the Allies do go to TW, then a CP player who holds all 6 VP spaces in Russia should be able to manage Fall of the Tsar without any special rules.

To sum up, rather than punishing the Allied player for being at LW, it removes the reward for staying there. Try it-I think most of you will like it.


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